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anon. Stories from Hindu Sacred Books (1907)
Archer. Loves of Krishna (1960)
Arnold. Bhagavad-Gita (1885)
Arnold. Hitopadesha (1909)
Aurobindo. Love and Death (1921)
Babbitt. Jataka Tales (1912)
Babbitt. More Jataka Tales (1922)
Banerji. Popular Tales of Bengal (1905)
Barnett. Hindu Gods and Heroes (1922)
Barnett. Tales from Somadeva (1909)
Belvalkar. Bhavabhuti's Uttara-Rama-charita (1915)
Besant. An Autobiography (1885)
Besant. Avataras (1900)
Besant. Shri Rama Chandra (1905)
Besant. The Story of the Great War (1899)
Beswick. Jataka Tales (1956)
Bhaktivedanta. Bhagavata Purana (1977)
Blackburn. Rama Stories and Shadow Puppets (1996)
Bompas. Folklore of the Santal Parganas (1909)
Boothalingam. Story of Rama (1964)
Borooah. Folk Tales of Assam (1916)
Bradley-Birt. Bengal Fairy Tales (1920)
Brown. The Story of Buddha and Buddhism (1927)
Brown. The Wisdom of the Hindus (1921)
Burlingame. Buddhist Parables (1922)
Burlingame. Grateful Elephant (1923)
Burton. Vikram and the Vampire (1870)
Campbell. Santal Folk Tales (1891)
Clouston. Stories from the Persian, Tamil, and Urdu (1889)
CLS. Ramayana and Vishnu Purana (1898)
Coomaraswamy. Buddha and the gospel of Buddhism (1916)
Coomaraswamy. Radha and Krishna (1915)
Cowell. The Jataka (1907)
Cox. Tales of Ancient India (1887)
Crooke-Rouse. Talking Thrush - Tales from India (1938)
Crooke. Things Indian (1906)
Davids. Buddhist Birth Stories (1880)
Day. Folk-Tales of Bengal (1912)
Devee. Nine Ideal Indian Women (1919)
Devi. Indian Fables and Folklore (1919)
Devi. Orient Pearls (1915)
Dharma. Mahabharata (2008)
Dharma. Ramayana (1998)
Dracott. Simla Village (1906)
Dutt M. N. Valmiki's Ramayana (1891)
Dutt, MN. Harivamsha (1897)
Dutt, MN. Indian Prophets (1893)
Dutt, MN. Ramayana of Valmiki (1894)
Dutt, MN. Tales of India (1893)
Dutt, RC. Mahabharata (1899)
Dutt, RC. Ramayana (1899)
Dutt, T. Ancient Ballads of Hindustan (1906)
Dutta. Tales from the Hindu Dramatists (1912)
Dutton. The Tortoise and the Geese (1908)
Faulkner. The White Elephant (1929)
Fausboll. Indian Mythology According to the Mahabharata (1902)
Festing. From the Land of Princes (1904)
Francis-Thomas. Jataka Tales (1916)
Frere. Old Deccan Days (1868)
Gandy. The Pandav Princes (1915)
Ganguli. Mahabharata (1896)
Gould. Divine Archer (1911)
Grierson. Kashmiri stories and songs (1923)
Griswold. Hindu Fairy Tales (1919)
Growse. Ramayana of Tulsi Das (1922)
Hale-Wortham. Hitopadesha (1906)
Harris. The Fables of Pilpay (1886)
Hearle. Told by the Ayah (1912)
Herold. The Life of Buddha (1922)
Hesse. Siddhartha (1922)
Hill. Holy Lake of the acts of Rama (1952)
Hodgson. Rama and the Monkeys (1903)
Hollings. Prem Sagur (1848)
Hopkins. Legends of India (1928)
Hujon. Soso Tham's The Old Days of the Khasis (2018)
Inayat. Twenty Jataka Tales (1939)
Jacob. Adventures of Ten Princes (1873)
Jacobs. Indian Fairy Tales (1912)
James. East Indian Fairy-Tales (1906)
Jethabhai. Indian Folklore (1903)
Johnstone. Raghuvamsha (1902)
Keith. Indian Mythology (1917)
Kincaid. Deccan Nursery Tales (1914)
Kincaid. Shri Krishna of Dwarka (1920)
Kincaid. Tales From The Indian Drama (1923)
Kincaid. Tales from the Indian Epics (1918)
Kincaid. Tales of King Vikrama (1921)
Kincaid. Tales of the Old Sind (1922)
Kincaid. The Indian Heroes (1921)
Kingscote-Sastri. Tales of the Sun (1890)
Kipling. Beast and Man in India (1904)
Kipling. Jungle Book (1894)
Kipling. Just So Stories (1907)
Kipling. Second Jungle Book (1895)
Knowles. Folktales of Kashmir (1893)
Lutgendorf. Performing the Ramcaritmanas of Tulsidas (1991)
Macdonald. Ramayana (1886)
Macfie. Mahabharata, A Summary (1921)
Mackenzie. Indian fairy stories (1915)
Mackenzie. Indian Myth and Legend (1913)
McCulloch. Bengali Household Tales (1912)
McNair-Barlow. Oral Tradition from the Indus (1908)
Meyer. Hindu Tales (1909)
Milman. Nala and Damayanti (1835)
Mitra. Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit (1919)
Monro. Indian Gods and Heroes (1911)
Mukerji. Indian Ghost Stories (1917)
Mukharji. Indian Folklore (1904)
Murdoch. Mahabharata: An English Abridgment (1898)
Neogi. Sacred Tales of India (1916)
Nivedita. Cradle Tales of Hinduism (1907)
Nivedita. Kali the Mother (1900)
Nivedita. Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists (1914)
Oman. Ramayana and the Mahabharata (1894)
Pantulu. Folklore of the Telugus (1910)
Parker. Village Folktales of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (1914)
Pincott. Ocean of Love (1897)
Rafy. Folktales of the Khasis (1920)
Raju. Indian Fables (1901)
Raju. Sixty Mandarins (1886)
Ralston. Tibetan Tales from Indian Sources (1882)
Ramanujan. Oral Tales from India (1997)
Richman. Many Ramayanas (1991)
Rouse. Giant Crab (1897)
Rudolph. Nala and Damayanti (1902)
Ryder. Panchatantra (1925)
Ryder. Shakuntala (1914)
Ryder. The Ten Princes (1927)
Ryder. Twenty-Two Goblins (1917)
Sastri. Folklore in Southern India (1888)
Sastri. Indian Folktales (1908)
Sastri. Tales of Tennalirama (1900)
Sastri. The Dravidian Nights Entertainments (1886)
Seeger. Mahabharata (1948)
Shastri. Triumph of Valmiki (1909)
Shedlock. Eastern Stories (1920)
Sorabji. Indian Tales (1916)
Speyer. Aryasura's Gatakamala (1895)
Steel. Tales of the Punjab (1917)
Stokes. Indian Fairy Tales (1880)
Swynnerton. Indian Nights' Entertainment (1892)
Swynnerton. Raja Rasalu (1884)
Swynnerton. Romantic Tales from the Panjab (1903)
Tagore. Chitra (1914)
Tagore. Gitanjali (1913)
Tagore. Poems of Kabir (1915)
Tagore. Sadhana (1916)
Tagore. The Fugitive (1921)
Tawney. Ocean of the Streams of Story (1884)
Tawney. Treasury of Stories (1895)
Temple. The Legends of the Panjab (1900)
Theosophical Society. The Dream of Ravana (1895)
Van Dort. Legends of Ceylon (1890)
Vasu. Folktales of Hindustan (1920)
Venkataswami. Folktales From India (1923)
Venkataswami. Tulsemmah And Nagaya (1918)
Williams. Illustrations of the Ramayana in Orissa (1996)
Williston. Hindu Tales (1917)
Wilson. Indian Story Book (1914)
Wollaston. Tales within Tales (1909)
Woodward-Mattingly. Barlaam and Ioasaph (1914)
Wortham. The Enchanted Parrot (1911)