Kincaid. Deccan Nursery Tales.

Today's free book is Deccan Nursery Tales by C. A. Kincaid (1914), with illustrations by M. V. Dhurandhar. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at: Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

The illustrations are by M. V. Dhurandhar, and I've made a Flickr collection.

Table of Contents
  1. The Sunday Story: text
  2. The Monday Story: text
  3. The Tuesday Story: text
  4. The Wednesday and Thursday Story: text
  5. The Friday Story: text
  6. The Saturday Story: text
  7. Mahalaxmi and the Two Queens: text
  8. The Island Palace: text
  9. Nagoba, the Snake-King: text
  10. Parwati and the Beggar-Man: text
  11. Parwati and the Brahman: text
  12. Soma, the Washerwoman: text
  13. Vasishta and the Four Queens: text
  14. The Lamps and the King's Daughter-in-Law: text
  15. Parwati and the Priest: text
  16. The Rishi and the Brahman: text
  17. The King and the Water-Goddesses: text
  18. The Lid of the Sacred Casket: text
  19. The Brahman Wife and Her Seven Sons: text
  20. The Golden Temple: text

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