You can browse the books from Africa by using the Author-Title List below (updated August 14 2016) or by browsing the Africa label. For random browsing, try the Library Randomizer: Africa. And you can also use Diigo to browse the African books by region: South Africa - East Africa - Central Africa - West Africa - North Africa - plus the anthologies. Also, take a look at the African-American books in the Americas section.

Barker-Sinclaire. West African Folktales
Baskerville. Folklore Stories from Uganda
Basset. Moorish Literature
Bateman. Zanzibar Tales
Bell-Woodward. The Golden Ship — Swahili Tales
Bender. African Jungle Tales
Bleek-Lloyd. Bushman Folklore
Bleek. Hottentot Fables and Tales
Bourhill-Drake. Fairy Tales from South Africa
Budge. Kebra Nagast
Callaway. Tales and Traditions of the Zulus
Chatelain. Folktales of Angola
Cronise-Ward. West African Folk Tales
Dayrell. Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria
Dayrell. Ikom Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria
Dennett. Folklore of the Fjort
Elliot. The Long Grass Whispers
Finnegan. Oral Literature in Africa
Hollis. The Masai
Hollis. The Nandi
Honey. South African Folktales
Jacottet. The Treasury of Basuto Lore
Jephson. Stories Told in an African Forest
Koelle. Kanuri Proverbs, Tales, and Fables
Lang. Fairy Books: Africa
Littmann. Legend of the Queen of Sheba
Littmann. Tales of the Tigre (Ethiopia)
Madan. Kiungani — Central Africa
McPherson. Native Fairy Tales of South Africa
Metelerkamp. South African Folklore Tales
Nassau. West African Folk Lore Tales
Nyabongo. African Fairy Tales
Ogumefu. Yoruba Legends
Rattray. Stories and Songs in Chinyanja
Savory. Zulu Fireside Tales
Shaihua. Hausa Folklore
St. Lys. Folklore from Southwest Africa
Stanley. Strange Stories (from Africa)
Steere. Swahili Tales
Stigand. Swahili Tales
Theal. Xhosa Folk-Lore
Torrend. Specimens of Bantu Folklore
Tremearne. Fables from Hausaland
Tremearne. Hausa Superstitions and Customs
van Vorst. Magda, Queen of Sheba
Vaughan. Old Hendrik's Tales
Weeks. Congo Life and Jungle Stories
Werner. Myths and Legends of the Bantu
Werner. The Mythology of Africa.
Wheeler. The Golden Legend of Ethiopia
Wyndham. Myths of Ífè

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