Milne-Home. West Indian Folklore

Today's free book is Mamma's Black Nurse Stories: West Indian Folklore by Mary Pamela Milne-Home. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust. Some of these stories come from the "Ananzi Stories" (Anansi Stories) collected by George Webbe Dasent, which you can also find at Sacred Texts Archive. There is one story there which is not included here: Nancy Fairy.

Anansi and Alligator    
Brother Death      
The Lady and the Bull    
The Snake and the King’s Daughter
The Story of Anansi and Tiger  
The Snake    
The Affassia      
Goat and Anansi      
Anansi, His Wife, and Tiger  
The Story About Rat and Cat  
Anansi, Tiger, and Goat    
Garshan Bull      
The Lady and the Little Doggie  
The King and the Peafowl  
The Lion, Goat, and Baboon  
The Little Child and the Pumpkin-Tree
The King and the Ant’s Tree  
The Girl and the Fish    
The Dancing Gang    
Anansi and Baboon    
Anansi and the Lion    
Anansi and Quanqua    
The Brother and His Sisters  
Why the Jack Spaniard’s Waist Is Small
The Man and the Doukana Tree  
The Ear of Corn and the Twelve Men

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