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Alexander. Latin-American Mythology
Alexander. North American Mythology
Applegate. Indian Stories from the Pueblos
Bayliss. A Treasury of Eskimo Tales
Beauchamp. Iroquois Folk Lore
Beckwith. Mandan-Hidatsa Myths
Bemister. Thirty Indian Legends of Canada
Benedict. Tales of the Cochiti Indians
Boas. Chinook Texts
Boas. Kwakiutl Tales
Boas. Kwakiutl Tales: New Series
Boas. Tsimshian Texts
Brinton. American Hero-Myths
Carmichael. Indian Legends of Vancouver Island
Compton. American Indian Fairy Tales
Cornyn. Indian Hero Tales
Cronyn. Songs and Chants from the Indians
Cryer. Legends of the Cowichans
Curtin. Creation Myths of Primitive America
Curtin. Myths of the Modocs
Curtin. Seneca Indian Myths
Cushing. Zuñi Folk Tales
de Voe. Legends of The Kaw
Dehuff. Taytay's Tales (Pueblo Indian)
Dixon. Achomawi - Atsugewi - Achomawi Myths
Dixon. Maidu Texts
Dorsey-Kroeber. Traditions of the Arapaho
Dorsey. Mythology of the Wichita
Dorsey. Traditions of the Caddo
Dorsey. Traditions of the Osage
Dorsey. Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee
Eastman. Indian Heroes and the Great Chieftains
Eastman. Wigwam Evenings - Sioux Folk Tales
Frachtenberg. Coos Texts
Giddings. Yaqui Myths and Legends
Gifford-Block. Californian Indian Nights
Gifford. Miwork Myths
Goddard. Hupa Texts
Goddard. Jicarilla Apache Texts
Gouge. Creek Folktales
Grinnell. Blackfeet Indian Stories
Grinnell. Pawnee Hero Stories and Folktales
Grinnell. The Punishment of the Stingy
Howard. Famous Indian Chiefs
Johnson. Legends of Vancouver
Jones-Michelson. Kickapoo Tales
Judson. Legends of Mississippi and Great Lakes
Judson. Myths and Legends of Alaska
Judson. Myths and Legends of British North America
Judson. Myths and Legends of California and Southwest
Judson. Myths and Legends of the Great Plains
Judson. Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest
Kroeber. Indian Myths of South Central California
Larned. American Indian Fairy Tales
Leland. Algonquin Legends of New England
Linderman. Indian Old-Man Stories
Linderman. Indian Why Stories
Lloyd. Myths and Legends of the Pimas
Longfellow. Hiawatha.
Lummis. Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories
Macmillan. Canadian Wonder Tales
Matthews. Indian Fairy Book
McLaughlin. Myths and Legends of the Sioux
Merriam. Tales Told by the Mewan [Miwok] Indians
Mooney. Myths of the Cherokee
O'Bryan. Origin Myths of the Navaho
Olcott. The Red Indian Fairy Book
Powers. Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children
Rasmussen. Eskimo Folk-Tales
Rink. Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo
Sabin. Indian Warriors and Heroic Indian Women
Sapir. Yana Texts
Schoolcraft. The Myth of Hiawatha
Severance. Indian Legends of Minnesota
Smith. Myths of the Iroquois
Spence. Myths of Mexico and Peru
Spence. Popol Vuh
Steward. Some Western Shoshoni Myths
Stirling. Origin Myth of Acoma
Stratton. Tejas and Other Indian Legends
Swanton. Myths of the Southeastern Indians
Swanton. Tlingit Myths
Thompson. Tales of the North American Indians
Voth. The Traditions of the Hopi
Webber. Thunder Bird Legends
Wilson. Indian Hero Tales
Wilson. The Lore and the Lure of the Yosemite
Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian Legends

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