Gouge. Creek Folktales

Today's free book is Totkv Mocvse / New Fire: Creek Folktales by Earnest Gouge, edited and translated by Jack B. Martin, Margaret McKane Mauldin, and Juanita McGirt. You can find out more about the storyteller here: About Earnest Gouge, and here is a tribute to Margaret Mauldin, founder of the Creek language program at the University of Oklahoma.

You will find the contents of the book online at the William and Mary: Linguistics website. You can listen to the Creek recordings there, and I've linked below to the PDF files with the translation and analysis for each story.

1. The three brothers and the spotted horse
2. The hunter and his dogs
3. Tug of war between the tie-snakes, tar baby
4. The hunters’ wives
5. The stork father
6. Rabbit steals fire
7. Turtle is beaten by three mothers
8. Rabbit rides Wolf
9. Turtle races Wolf
10. The young man who turned into a snake
11. Man defeats a giant lizard
12. Man challenges a racing snake
13. Rabbit traps Lion on the other side of the ocean
14. Rabbit seeks wisdom from God
15. Two boys become thunder
16. Tiger helps man defeat a giant lizard
17. Rabbit tries to straighten river beds
18. Twisted Horn steals man’s heart
19. Old dog saves master from Long Claws
20. Doe killed by hunter, becomes his wife
21. Buzzard doctors Rabbit
22. Cow wants a knife
23. Hunter captured by eagle
24. Whistling man helps hunter
25. Hunter taken to deer cave
26. Man races a lizard
27. Turtle tries to look up women’s dresses
28. Wolf wants to become spotted
29. Girl abducted by lion

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