Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crooke and Rouse. Talking Thrush

Today's free book is The Talking Thrush and Other Tales from India by William Crooke and W. H. D. Rouse with illustrations by W. H. Robinson. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

The Talking Thrush: text
The Rabbit and the Monkey: text
The Sparrow's Revenge: text
The Judgment of the Jackal: text
How the Mouse got into his Hole: text
King Solomon and the Owl: text
The Camel's Neck: text
The Quail and the Fowler: text
The King of the Kites: text
The Jackal and the Camel: text
The Wise Old Shepherd: text
Beware of Bad Company: text
The Foolish Wolf: text
Reflected Glory: text
The Cat and the Sparrows: text
The Foolish Fish: text
The Clever Goat: text
A Crow is a Crow for Ever: text
The Grateful Goat: text
The Cunning Jackal; or, The Biter Bit: text
The Farmer's Ass: text
The Parrot Judge: text
The Frog and the Snake: text
Little Miss Mouse and her Friends: text
The Jackal that Lost his Tail: text
The Wily Tortoise: text
The King of the Mice: text
The Valiant Blackbird: text
The Goat and the Hog: text
The Parrot and the Parson: text
The Lion and the Hare: text
The Monkey's Bargains: text
The Monkey's Rebuke: text
The Bull and the Bullfinch: text
The Swan and the Crow: text
Pride Shall Have a Fall: text
The Kid and the Tiger: text
The Stag, the Crow, and the Jackal: text
The Monkey and the Crows: text
The Swan and the Paddy-bird: text
What is a Man?: text
The Wound and the Scar: text
The Cat and the Parrot: text

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kline. Ovid's Heroides

Today's free book is Ovid: The Heroides, translated by Tony Kline. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Tony Kline, the translator, has generously made his work available to read for free online: Ovid: The Heroides.

Heroides I-VII
I  Penelope to Ulysses
II  Phyllis to Demophoon
III  Briseis to Achilles
IV  Phaedra to Hippolytus
V  Oenone to Paris
VI  Hypsipyle to Jason
VII  Dido to Aeneas

Heroides VIII-XV
VIII  Hermione to Orestes
IX  Deianira to Hercules
X  Ariadne to Theseus
XI  Canace to Macareus
XII  Medea to Jason
XIII  Laodamia to Protesilaus
XIV  Hypermestra to Lynceus
XV  Sappho to Phaon

Heroides XVI-XXI 
Double Letters:
XVI  Paris to Helen
XVII  Helen to Paris
XVIII  Leander to Hero
XIX  Hero to Leander
XX  Acontius to Cydippe
XXI  Cydippe to Acontius

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Davids. Buddhist Birth Stories

Today's free book is Buddhist Birth Stories: or, Jataka Tales translated by T. W. Rhys Davids. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. In addition to the stories, this book contains a detailed overview of the history of the jataka tales and their place in the Buddhist tradition.

The book is available at the  Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. The links below are to the Gutenberg edition.

The Birth Stories.
1. Holding to the Truth ... Apaṇṇaka Jātaka 134
2. The Sandy Road ... Vaṇṇupatha Jātaka 147
3. The Merchant of Sēri ... Seri-vānija Jātaka 153
4. The Story of Chullaka the Treasurer ... Cullaka-seṭṭhi Jātaka 158
5. The Measure of Rice ... Taṇḍula-nāḷi Jātaka 172
6. On True Divinity ... Deva-dhamma Jātaka 178
9. The Story of Makhā Deva ... Makhā-deva Jātaka 186
10. The Happy Life ... Sukhavihāri Jātaka 190
11. The Story of Beauty ... Lakkhaṇa Jātaka 194
12. The Banyan Deer ... Nigrodha-miga Jātaka 199
13. The Dart of Love ... Kaṇḍina Jātaka 211
14. The Greedy Antelope ... Vātamiga Jātaka 214
15. The Deer who would not Learn ... Kharādiyā Jātaka 219
16. The Cunning Deer ... Tipallatha-miga Jātaka 221
17. The Wind ... Māluta Jātaka 224
18. On Offering Food to the Dead ... Mataka-bhatta Jātaka 226
19. On Offerings given under a Vow ... Āyācita-bhatta Jātaka 230
20. The Monkeys and the Demon ... Naḷapāna Jātaka 232
21. The Wily Antelope ... Kurunga-miga Jātaka 237
22. The Dog who turned Preacher ... Kukkura Jātaka 240
23. The Bhoja Thoroughbred ... Bhojājānīya Jātaka 245
24. The Thoroughbred War Horse ... Ājañña Jātaka 249
25. The Horse at the Ford ... Tittha Jātaka 251
26. Evil communications corrupt good manners ... Mahilā-mukha Jātaka 257
27. The Elephant and the Dog ... Abhiṇha Jātaka 263
28. The Bull who Won the Bet ... Nandi-Visāla Jātaka 266
29. The Old Woman’s Black Bull ... Kaṇha Jātaka 270
30. The Ox who Envied the Pig ... Muṇika Jātaka 275
31. On Mercy to Animals ... Kulāvaka Jātaka 278
32. The Dancing Peacock ... Nacca Jātaka 291
33. The sad Quarrel of the Quails ... Sammodamāna Jātaka 295
34. The Fish and his Wife ... Maccha Jātaka 299
35. The Holy Quail ... Vaṭṭaka Jātaka 302
36. The Wise Bird and the Fools ... Sakuṇa Jātaka 307
37. The Partridge, Monkey, and Elephant ... Tittira Jātaka 310
38. The Cruel Crane Outwitted ... Baka Jātaka 315
39. Nanda on the Buried Gold ... Nanda Jātaka 322
40. The Fiery Furnace ... Khadirangāra Jātaka 326

Additional Materials in the Book:

Translator’s Introduction.
Part I. The Book of Birth Stories, and their Migration to the West.
Selected Stories.
1. The Ass in the Lion’s Skin
2. The Talkative Tortoise
3. The Jackal and the Crow
4. The Wise Judge
5. Sakka’s Presents
6. A Lesson for Kings 
Related Literature. The Kalilag and Damnag Literature. Origin of ‘Æsop’s’ Fables. The Barlaam and Josaphat Literature. Other Migrations of the Buddhist Tales. Greek and Buddhist Fables. Solomon’s Judgment
Part II. The Birth Stories in India. Form of the Jātakas. The Introductory Stories. The Conclusions. The Abhisambuddha-gāthā, or Verses in the Conclusion. Divisions of the Jātaka Book. Actual Number of the Stories. Summary of the Origin of the Present Collection. Special Lessons inculcated by the Birth Stories.  Special Historical Value of the Birth Stories 
Supplementary Tables
I. Indian Works
II. The Kalilag and Damnag Literature
III. The Barlaam and Josaphat Literature
IV. The Cariyā Piṭaka and the Jātaka Mālā
V. Alphabetical List of Jātaka Stories in the Mahāvastu
VI. Places at which the Tales were Told
VII. The Bodisats
VIII. Jātakas Illustrated in Bas-relief on the Ancient
The Ceylon Compiler’s Introduction, called the Nidāna Kathā.
Story of Sumedha, the First Bodisat 2
The Successive Bodisats in the Times of the Previous
Buddhas 31
Life of the Last Bodisat (who became Buddha) 58
His Descent from Heaven 59
His Birth 67
Song of the Angels 69
Prophecy of Kāḷa Devala 70
Prophecy of the Brāhman Priests 72
The Ploughing Festival 75
The Young Bodisat’s Skill and Wisdom 76
The Four Visions 77
The Bodisat’s Son is Born 79
Kisā Gotamī’s Song 80
The Great Renunciation 82
The Great Struggle against Sin 89
The Great Victory over Satan 96
The Bliss of Nirvāna 105
The Hesitation whether to Publish the Good News 111
The Foundation of the Kingdom of Righteousness 113
Uruvela Kassapa’s Conversion 114
Triumphal Entrance into Rājagaha 116
Foundation of the Order 119
Return Home 121
Presentation of the First Monastery to the Buddha 131