Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cushing. Zuñi Folk Tales

Today's free book is Zuñi Folk Tales by Frank Hamilton Cushing. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. You can read more about the Zuni people and about Frank Hamilton Cushing at Wikipedia.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. The links below are to the Sacred Texts edition of the book.

The Trial Of Lovers: or The Maiden Of Mátsaki And The Red Feather
The Youth And His Eagle
The Poor Turkey Girl
How The Summer Birds Came
The Serpent Of The Sea
The Maiden Of The Yellow Rocks
The Foster-Child Of The Deer
The Boy Hunter Who Never Sacrificed to The Deer He Had Slain: or The Origin Of The Society Of Rattlesnakes
How Áhaiyúta And Mátsailéma Stole The Thunder-Stone And The Lightning-Shaft
The Warrior Suitor Of Moki
How The Coyote Joined The Dance Of The Burrowing-Owls
The Coyote Who Killed The Demon SÍuiuki: or Why Coyotes Run Their Noses Into Deadfalls
How The Coyotes Tried to Steal The Children Of The Sacred Dance
The Coyote And The Beetle
How The Coyote Danced with The Blackbirds
How The Turtle Out Hunting Duped The Coyote
The Coyote And The Locust
The Coyote And The Ravens Who Raced Their Eyes
The Prairie-Dogs And Their Priest, The Burrowing-Owl
How The Gopher Raced With The Runners Of K'iákime
How The Rattlesnakes Came To Be What They Are
How The Corn-Pests Were Ensnared
Jack-Rabbit And Cottontail
The Rabbit Huntress And Her Adventures
The Ugly Wild Boy Who Drove The Bear Away From South-Eastern Mesa
The Revenge Of The Two Brothers On The Háwikuhkwe, Or The Two Little Ones And Their Turkeys
The Young Swift-Runner Who Was Stripped Of His Clothing By The Aged Tarantula
Átahsaia, The Cannibal Demon
The Hermit Mítsina
How The Twins Of War And Chance, Áhaiyúta And Mátsailéma, Fared With The Unborn-Made Men Of The Underworld
The Cock And The Mouse
The Giant Cloud-Swallower
The Maiden The Sun Made Love To, And Her Boys: Or The Origin Of Anger

Gifford-Block. Californian Indian Nights Entertainments

Today's free book is Californian Indian Nights Entertainments compiled by Edward W. Gifford and Gwendoline Harris Block. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book draws on many different California tribal traditions as indicated in the note to each story.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

Story Telling
Origin of the World
Destruction of the World
The Origin of Man
The Destiny of the Soul
The Quest of Fire
The Origin of the Sun and Moon
Coyote Tales
The Grizzly Bear
Star Stories
Adventure Stories
Migration Tales

The Origin of the World and of Man
The Earth Dragon
How the Earth was Made
Above-Old-Man Destroys his First World
The Beginning of the World (six versions)
The Making and Destroying of the World
The World before the Coming of the Indians
The Making of Human Beings
How the World was Made Comfortable for People

The Origin of Death  
Hawk Chief's Death
Coyote's Death
Meadowlark Starts Death

How People Got Fire
The Burning of the World
Why the Indians are able to get Fire by Drilling
Dog Steals Fire
Mouse Steals Fire
Mouse Regains Fire
How Coyote Stole the Fire

The World Fire
Why the World was Set Afire
The World Afire

Stories About the Sun and Moon 
The Stealing of the Sun
Sun's Arrival in the Sky
What Sun did to Meadowlark
Why Mole's Hands are Bent Back
A Story of the Sun and Moon
The Moon's Phases
Coyote and the Moons (Months)

Coyote Stories
Coyote and Rabbit
Coyote and Owl
Coyote's Salmon
How Coyote got his Cunning
How Coyote brought Salmon to the Klamath river
Coyote is Punished
Coyote Outwits Porcupine
Coyote's Sad End

The Land of the Dead 
The Island of the Dead
The Return from the Land of the Dead
Why We are not Able to Visit the Dead

Stories about Monsters  
Pelican, the Murderer
The Two-Headed Monster
Takwish, the Cannibal Spirit of Mount San Jacinto
The Cannibal Head
The Rolling Skull
The Rolling Head
How Wingi was Destroyed
Chipmunk, the Giant-Killer

The Skyland  
How Rough-Nose Saved his Brother
The Lost Brother
Kidnapped in Skyland

Star Stories  
The Pleiades (two versions)
Whence Some Stars Came
The Magician and his Son

The Thunder Dog
The Beginning of Thunder
Thunder's Daughter

Adventure Stories  
The Conquerer
The Avenger of the Cupeno
The Adventurous Brother
The Woman who was not Satisfied

Stories about Yosemite 
The Creation of Yosemite Valley
The Origin of El Capitan
The Spirits of Yosemite Falls

How Ground Squirrel Stole Obsidian
Little Lizard Kills Grizzly Bear
Skunk's Victory
The Abduction of Lady Pelican
Great Wind's Daughters
Lizard Outwits Grizzly Bear
Why Owls Live Away from Human Beings
Why there are Storms in Winter
Robin's Husband
The First Pomo Bear Doctors
Love Medicine

Stories with European Motifs
Coyote Meets Pitch
Fruito, the Gambler


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nivedita. Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists

Today's free book is Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists by Sister Nivedita with illustrations by Indian artists under the supervision of Abanindro Nath Tagore. You can learn more at the Indian Epics UnTextbook: Sister Nivedita.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.






The Churning of the Ocean
The Birth of Ganga
Manasa Devi
The Elephant and the Crocodile
Nachiketas and Yama
Kacha and Devayani
Pururavas and Urvashi
Nala and Damayanti
The King, the Pigeon and the Hawk
The Worth of Kine
Gautama's Elephant
The Throne of Vikramaditya
The Ashvins
The Great Bear
The Pole-Star