Cooke. Nature myths and stories

Today's free book is Nature myths and stories by Flora J. Cooke (1921) with illustrations by Dorothy Dulin. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Stories of Creation
How the Spark of Fire was Saved
King Alcinous and the Storm Giants
The Swan Maidens
Iris' Bridge
The Bluebird
How the Robin's Breast Became Red
The Red-Headed Woodpecker
Story of Sisyphus
The Pudding Stone
The Mountain Ash
The Poplar Tree
Philemon and Baucis
How Water Lilies Came to Be

Younghusband. Witt's Classic Mythology

Today's free book is Witt's Classic Mythology translated by Frances Younghusband (1883). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

I. The Beginning of All Things
II. The Golden Age
III. Prometheus and Epimetheus
IV Deucalion and Pyrrha
V. The Rape of Persephone
VI. Marpessa
VII. Artemis
VIII. The Giants Otus and Ephialtes
IX. Endymion
X. Io
XI. Danaus and Aegyptus
XII. Phaethon
XIII. Salmoneus and Sisyphus
XIV. Bellerophon
XV. Daedalus and Icarus
XVI. Europa and Cadmus
XVII. Thebes
XVIII. Semele
XIX. Dionysus
XX. Melampus and Bias
XXI. Tantalus. Pelops
XXII. Niobe
XXIII. Meleager and Atalanta
XXIV. Admetus and Alcestis
XXV. Perseus
XX.VI. Heracles
1. The War with the Teleboae
2. The Birth and Youth of Heracles
3. The Madness of Heracles, and his First Six Labours
4. The Last Six Labours
5. The Murder of Iphitus and the Vengeances of Heracles
6. The Marriage of Heracles with Deianira, and his Death
XXVII. The Quest of the Argonauts:
1. The Golden Fleece
2. The Journey to Colchis
3. The Fight for the Golden Fleece
4. The Journey Home
5. Medea's Revenge
XXVIII. Theseus
XXIX. Oedipus
XXX. The Seven against Thebes
XXXI. The Epigoni
XXXII. Eros and Psyche

Brant. Ship of Fools.

Today's free book is The Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant, translated by Alexander Barclay. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

¶ Alexander Barclay excusynge the rudenes of his translacion, ye first lefe Barclay ye translatour to ye folys.
A prologe in prose shewynge to what intent this Boke was firste made, & who were the first Auctours of it.
Another Prologe: in Balade concernyng the same.
In what place this Boke was translate and to what purpose it was translatyd.
¶ Here begynneth the Folys and firste of inprofytable bokys.
¶ Of euyll Counsellours Juges & men of lawe.
Of couetyse and prodigalyte.
Of newe disgysynges in apparayle.
¶ A lawde of the nobles and grauyte of Kynge Henry the eyght.
Of olde Folys encresynge foly with age.
Of negligent Fathers ayenst their Children.
Of taleberers: & mouers of debate.
Of nat folowers of good counsel.
Of vngoodly maners, and dysordred.
Of the hurtynge of frendshyp.
Of dispysers of holy scripture.
Of folys inprouydent.
Of disordred & venerious loue.
Of them that synne trustynge vpon the mercy of almyghty god.
Of folys yt begyn great byldynge without sufficient prouysion.
Of glotons, and droncardes.
Of ryches vnprofytable.
Of folys that wyl serue two lordes both togyther.
Of superflue speche.
Of them that correct other, them self culpable in the same faut.
Of folys that fynde others good, nat restorynge the same to the owner.
¶ The sermon or doctryne of wysdom.
Of Folys bostyng them in fortune.
Of the superflue curyosyte of men.
Of great borowers, & slacke payers.
Of vnprofitable vowers & peticions.
Of negligent stodyers.
Of them that folvsshly speke ayenst the workes of god.
Of lewde Juges of others dedes.
Of pluralytees of benefyces.
Of synners that prolonge from daye to day to amende theyr myslyuyng.
Of men that ar Jelous.
Of auoutry, and specially of suche as ar bawdes to theyr wyues.
Of suche as nedys wyll contynue in theyr foly nat withstandynge holsom erudicion.
An addicion of the secundaries of Otery saynt Mary, in Deuynshyre.
Of wrathfull folys.
Of the mutabylyte of fortune.
Of seke men inobedient.
Of to open councellers.
Of folys that can nat be ware by ye mysfortune nor take example of others damage.
Of folys that force or care for the bacbytynge of lewde people.
Of mockers and fals accusers.
Of them that despyse euerlastynge blys for worldly thynges & transitory.
Of talkers and makers of noyse in the Chirche of god.
Of folys that put them self in wylful ieopardy and peryll.
Of the way of felycyte, and godnes and the payne to come to synners.
Of olde folys yt gyue example of vyce to youth negligent & vnexpert.
Of bodely lust or corporall voluptuosyte.
Of folys that can nat kepe secrete theyr owne counsell.
Of yonge folys that take olde wymen to theyr wyues nat for loue but for ryches.
Of enuyous Folys.
Of impacient folys disdaynynge to abyde and suffer correccion, for theyr profyte.
Of folysshe Fesicians vsynge theyr practyke without speculacyon.
Of the ende of worldly honour & power and of folys yt trust in them.
An addicion of Alexander barclay.
Of predestinacyon.
Of folys that aply other mennys besynes leuynge theyr owne vndone.
Of the vyce of ingratytude or vnkyndnes and folys that vse it.
Of Folys that stande to moche in theyr owne conceyte.
Of folys that delyte them in daunsynge.
Of nyght watchers.
Of the vanyte of beggers.

Young. Plantation Bird Legends

Today's free book is Plantation Bird Legends by Martha Young (1902), with illustrations by by J. M. Condé. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and the Internet Archive (I have not checked for other online sources). You can find the stories listed and linked in Diigo.

Table of Contents

Sis' Dove
The Owl and Peacock
Mister Woodpecker's Work
Br'er Buzzard's Fust Friend

Br'er Buzzard's Fust Taste
How Jedge Peacock Sowed His Wild Oats
The Mocking Bird's Theft
Mis' Swallow 

The Imitative Cat Bird
How Harm Came to Mister Buzzard
Br'er Hawk and Br'er Buzzard
Swamp Robin

The Mocking Bird
How Come Br'er Buzzard Boards
The Goose
How Preacher Crow Makes a Start Toward Being a Vegetarian
Hawk's Disguise

Hawk's Fust Quarry
Mister Bluebird's Debt
Greedy Humming Bird
Br'er Jay

The Caze of Br'er Buzzard's Red Head
Br'er Hawk and de Flint Rock
In de Swamp
Field Lark and Partridge

Mistress Peafowl's Bad Luck
Mis' Mockin' Bird's Chillen
Mister Bluebird and Mister Mocking Bird

Br'er Buzzard's three-cornder Hat 'n' Feather
Why and How Geese Call Each Other

Excuse for the Rogue
Day's A-Breakin'
Robin Red Breast

De Big Quar'l
Butcher Bird's Board Bill

Br'er Buzzard's Hat
Red Crowned Warbler
Mister Woodpecker
The One Way Out


Lang. Stories from the Faerie Queen

Today's free book is Stories from the Faerie Queen Told to the Children by Jeanie Lang with illustrations by Rose Le Quesne. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. There is also a free audiobook at LibriVox. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

Una and the Lion
St. George and the Dragon
Britomart and the Magic Mirror
The Quest of Sir Guyon
Cambell and Triamond
Marinell, the Sea-Nymph’s Son
Florimell and the Witch

Bleek-Lloyd. Bushman Folklore

Today's free book is Specimens of Bushman Folklore by W. H. I. Bleek and L. C. Lloyd. The San people (Bushmen) are hunter-gatherers who live in southern African; you can learn more about them at Wikipedia.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, and Hathi Trust.

The Mantis Assumes The Form Of A Hartebeest
!Gaunu-Tsaxau (The Son Of The Mantis), The Baboons, And The Mantis
The Story Of The Leopard Tortoise.
The Children Are Sent To Throw The Sleeping Sun Into The Sky.
The Origin Of Death; Preceded By A Prayer Addressed To The Young Moon.
The Moon Is Not To Be Looked At When Game Has Been Shot.
The Girl Of The Early Race, Who Made Stars.
The Great Star, !Gaunu, Which, Singing, Named The Stars.
What The Stars Say, And A Prayer To A Star.
!Ko-G!nuing-Tara, Wife Of The Dawn's-Heart Star, Jupiter.
The Son of the Wind.
The Wind.
#Kaga'Ra And !Haunu, Who Fought Each Other With Lightning.
The Hyena's Revenge. First Version.
The Hyena's Revenge. Second Version.
The Lion Jealous Of The Voice Of The Ostrich.
The Resurrection Of The Ostrich.
The Vultures, Their Elder Sister, And Her Husband.
Ddi-Xerreten, The Lioness, And The Children.
The Mason Wasp And His Wife.
The Young Man Of The Ancient Race, Who Was Carried Off By A Lion; When Asleep In The Field.
A Woman Of The Early Race And The Rain Bull.
The Girl's Story; The Frogs' Story.
The Man Who Ordered His Wife To Cut Off His Ears.
The #Nerru And Her Husband.
The #Nerru, As A Bird
The Death Of The Lizard.
The Cat's Song.
The Song of the Caama Fox.
The Songs of the Blue Crane.
The Old Woman's Song.
A Song Sung By The Star !Gaunu, And Especially By Bushman Women.
Sirius And Canopus.
The Song Of The Bustard.
The Song Of The Springbok Mothers.
||Kabbo's Song On The Loss Of His Tobacco Pouch.
The Broken String.
The Song Of !Nu!Numma-!Kwiten.
The Leopard And The Jackal.
Doings Of The Springbok.
Habits Of The Bat And The Porcupine.
The Saxicola Castor And The Wild Cat.
The Baboons And ||Xabbiten||Xabbiten.
A Lion's Story.
The Man Who Found A Lion In A Cave.
Certain Hunting Observances, Called !Nanna-Sse.
!Nanna-Sse, Second Part.
Treatment of Bones by the Narrator's Grandfather, Tsatsi.
How The Father-In-Law Of The Narrator Treated Bones.
Tactics in Springbok Hunting.
||Kabbo's Capture And Journey To Cape Town. First Account.
||Kabbo's Capture And Journey To Cape Town. Second Account.
||Kabbo's Journey In The Railway Train.
||Kabbo's Intended Return Home.
How |Hang#Kass'o'S Pet Leveret Was Killed.
The Thunderstorm.
Cutting Off The Top Of The Little Finger, And Piercing Ears And Nose.
Cutting Off The Top Of The Little Finger. Second Account
Bushman Presentiments
Doings And Prayers When Canopus And Sirius Come Out.
The Making Of Clay Pots.
The Bushman Soup Spoon.
The Shaped Rib Bone.
The Bushman Drum And Dancing Rattles.
How the Dancing Rattles are Prepared.
The Use of the !Going!Going, Followed by an Account of a Bushman Dance.
Preparation of the Feather Brushes Used in Springbok Hunting.
The Marking Of Arrows.
The Adhesive Substance Used By The Bushmen In Marking Arrows.
Mode Of Getting Rid Of The Evil Influence Of Bad Dreams.
Concerning Two Apparitions.
The Jackal's Heart Not To Be Eaten.
||Hara And Tto.
How Tto Is Obtained.
Signs Made By Bushmen In Order To Show In Which Direction They Have Gone.
A Bushman, Becoming Faint From The Sun's Heat When Returning Home, Throws Earth Into The Air, That Those At Home May See The Dust And Come To Help Him.
The Relations Of Wind, Moon, And Cloud To Human Beings After Death.
1. The Doings Of |Xue Are Many.
2. Further Changes Of Form.
3. |Xue As A ||Gui Tree And As A Fly.
4. |Xue As Water and As Other Things. In His Own Form, He Rubs Fire and Dies.
Prayer To The Young Moon.
The Treatment of Thieves.
The Four Pieces of Wood Called |Xu, Used for Divining Purposes.
To Beat The Ground (With A Stone).
Snakes, Lizards, And A Certain Small Antelope, When Seen Near Graves, To Be Respected.
A Certain Snake, Which, By Lying Upon Its Back, Announces A Death In The Family; And Which Must Not, Under These Circumstances, Be Killed.

Brown. North Carolina Folklore

Today's free book is The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore (1952-1964). All seven volumes are available online:
Vol. 1: Games and Rhymes, Beliefs and Customs, Riddles, Proverbs, Speech, Tales and Legends
Vol. 2: Folk Ballads
Vol. 3: Folk Songs
Vol. 4: Music of the Ballads and Songs
Vol. 5: Superstitions
Vol. 6: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions
Vol. 7: More Popular Beliefs and Superstitions

For the contents of the "Tales and Legends" in Volume 1, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources). You can find the stories listed and linked in Diigo.

Table of Contents

The Man in the Moon
The Lover's Leap
How Estatoe River Got Its Name
How the Indians Got Fire
The Origin of Negroes
Why the Negro Works
The Origin of the Woodpecker
Jay Birds as the Devil's Servants
Honey Bees and Red Clover
What the Guinea Hen Says
The Maiden-hair Fern
The Sunflower
The Fuschia
The Aspen
The Mistletoe
The Headless Dog
The Land of the Mermaids
The Cows on Christmas Eve
The Poisoned Tree
The Coach-whip Snake
Snakes Swallowing Their Young
The Little Girl Who Fed the Snake
Cats and Corpses
Ripe Fruit at Twelfth Night
Murderer Betrayed by Victim's Blood
How to Keep Corn From Firing
Anointing the Nail
The Self-rocking Chair
Premonitions of Death
The Song of the Saw
Lumber for the Coffin
Wraith of the Sweetheart
Old Quawk
Riding His Horse to Hell
The Letter of Christ
The Witch and the Rooster
'vira Gilberts and Her Witchcraft
Old Henry
Discovering a Remedy Against Witches
Killing the White Rabbit
Sam Guy's Witch Tales
Old Ferro
How to Become a Witch
Transferring the Spell
Ridden by Witches
Witch-ridden Horses
Granny Frone
The Witch and the Silver Bullet
Witches' Salve
Betsey Long-tooth
The Witch at the Shooting Match
Witches as Cats and Rabbits
The Witchery Cruise
A Witch's Death
The Witch and the Yellow Cat
The Witch-cat in the Mill
Boaz Squires, the Magician
Work of the Witch Doctor
Miscellaneous Traditions About Witches
The Little Red Man
The Lineback Ghost
The Creaking Bureau
The Croatan Fisherman
The Ghost on the Mill Road
The Ghost on the Cemetery Road
Haunted Graveyards
The Ghostly Pack
Kadesh Organ
Ghost Story From Dare County
A Handshake
The Polly Place Ghost
The Spinning Wheel
The Haunted Spring
The Haunted Laurel
The Speaking Corpse
The Headless Man of Stoney Creek
The Headless Woman
The Crazy Woman Ghost
The Bridal Ghost
Graveyard Ghosts
The Bonneted Ghost
The Headless Dog of Brushy Fork
The Headless Man Near the Bridge
The Ghostly Warning
The Ghostly Lights
The Groaning Ghost
The Dying Child
The Parting Ghost
Reward for Staying in Haunted House
The Fork in the Skirt
Bluebeard's Death
Th' Hog-stealing "Waumpaus"
The Three Fairies
The Vision of Aunt Sally Simms
The Curse on Bath
The Heavy Saddle-bags
Blackbeard's Treasure
Dreaming of Treasure
Uncle Bill Digs for Money
What the Mill Said
Wash Bee Day
Deer Driving
He Did What He Was Told
The Moon on the Fence
Cutting Off the Snake's Head
John Moccasin's Tricks
Johnny's Revenge
Johnny's Startling Visit
Meat and Bread and Pudding Too
Why Millie Got Sanctified
I Don't Care if I Don't Get Her
The Back Log
The Two Suitors
Searching for a Wife
The Gallinipper
The Mountain-climbing Steer
The Race
Brer Frog in De Road
In the Chest

Andersen. Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories

Today's free book is Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories with illustrations by Louis Rhead. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Hathi Trust and Google Books.

The Ugly Duckling
The Swineherd
The Snow-Queen
Little Claus and Big Claus
The Ice-Maiden
The Little Sea-Maid
Soup Made of a Sausage-Stick
The Wild Swans
The Constant Tin Soldier
Sunshine Stories
The Daisy
The Snow Man
The Nightingale
The Storks
The Red Shoes
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
Little Ida's Flowers
The Flying Trunk
The Tinder-Box
Five out of One Shell
"What the Goodman Does is Sure to be Right!"
The Rose-Elf
The Little Match-Girl
The Fir-Tree
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Darning-Needle
The Princess on the Pea
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep
The Flax
The Leap-Frog
The Buckwheat
The Nis at the Grocer's
"It's Quite True!"
The Summer-Gowk
The Naughty Boy
The Girl Who Trod upon Bread
The Farm-yard Cock and the Weather-Cock
The Toad
The Happy Family
The Court Cards
The Beetle
What Happened to the Thistle