Guerber. Story of the Greeks

Today's free book is The Story of the Greeks by H. A. Guerber. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Baldwin Project, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Hathi Trust. There is also a free audiobook at LibriVox. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

Early Inhabitants of Greece
The Deluge of Ogyges
The Founding of Many Important Cities
Story of Deucalion
The Story of Dædalus and Icarus
The Adventures of Jason
Theseus Visits the Labyrinth
The Terrible Prophecy
The Sphinx's Riddle
Blindness and Death of Œdipus
The Brothers' Quarrel
The Taking of Thebes
The Childhood of Paris
The Muster of the Troops
The Sacrifice of Iphigenia
The Wrath of Achilles
Death of Hector and Achilles
The Burning of Troy
Heroic Death of Codrus
The Blind Poet
The Rise of Sparta
The Spartan Training
The Brave Spartan Boy
Public Tables in Sparta
Laws of Lycurgus
The Messenian War
The Music of Tyrtæus
Aristomenes' Escape
The Olympic Games
Milo of Croton
The Jealous Athlete
The Girls' Games
The Bloody Laws of Draco
The Laws of Solon
The First Plays
The Tyrant Pisistratus
The Tyrant's Insult
Death of the Conspirators
Hippias Driven out of Athens
The Great King
Hippias Visits Darius
Destruction of the Persian Host
The Advance of the Second Host
The Battle of Marathon
Miltiades' Disgrace
Aristides the Just
Two Noble Spartan Youths
The Great Army
Preparations for Defense
Leonidas at Thermopylæ
Death of Leonidas
The Burning of Athens
The Battles of Salamis and Platæa
The Rebuilding of Athens
Death of Pausanias
Cimon Improves Athens
The Earthquake
The Age of Pericles
The Teachings of Anaxagoras
Beginning of the Peloponnesian War
Death of Pericles
The Philosopher Socrates
Socrates' Favorite Pupil
Youth of Alcibiades
Greek Colonies in Italy
Alcibiades in Disgrace
Death of Alcibiades
The Overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants
Accusation of Socrates
Death of Socrates
The Defeat of Cyrus
The Retreat of the Ten Thousand
Agesilaus in Asia
A Strange Interview
The Peace of Antalcidas
The Theban Friends
Thebes Free Once More
The Battle of Leuctra
Death of Pelopidas
The Battle of Mantinea
The Tyrant of Syracuse
Story of Damon and Pythias
The Sword of Damocles
Dion and Dionysius
Civil War in Syracuse
Death of Dion
Philip of Macedon
Philip Begins His Conquests
The Orator Demosthenes
Philip Masters Greece
Birth of Alexander
The Steed Bucephalus
Alexander as King
Alexander and Diogenes
Alexander's Brilliant Beginning
The Gordian Knot
Alexander's Royal Captives
Alexander at Jerusalem
The African Desert
Death of Darius
Defeat of Porus
The Return to Babylon
Death of Alexander the Great
The Division of the Realm
Death of Demosthenes
The Last of the Athenians
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Battle of Ipsus
Demetrius and the Athenians
The Achæan League
Division in Sparta
Death of Agis
The War of the Two Leagues
The Last of the Greeks
Greece a Roman Province

Colum. Orpheus: Myths of the World

Today's free book is Orpheus: Myths of the World by Padraic Colum with illustrations by Boris Artzybasheff. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts and Hathi Trust.

Table of Contents

Osiris and Isis
Rê, His Going-Down and Uprising

In the Beginning
The Story of Uta-Napishtim and of the Deluge that Destroyed All that was on the Earth
Ishtar's Descent into the World Below

Jamshīd the Resplendent

Jewish Post-Christian Period
The Angels and the Creation and Fall of Man
The Confounding of the Angel of Death

In the Beginning
Herakles, Part I
Herakles, Part II

The Children of Mars, Part I
The Children of Mars, Part II
Numa the Law-Giver
The Sibyl
Pomona and Vertumnus
Cupid and Psyche. Part I
Cupid and Psyche, Part II

Midir and Etain
The Death of Conaire Mór, the King of Ireland, Part I
The Death of Conaire Mór, the King of Ireland, Part II
The Voyage of Bran to the Land of the Immortals

Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed and His Visit to Annwfn, the Realm of Faërie
Math, the Son of Mathonwy: Part I. The Treachery of Gwydion and Gilvaethwy
Math, the Son of Mathonwy: Part II. The Transformations of Gwydion and Gilvaethwy
Math, the Son of Mathonwy: Part III. Gwydion and Arianrhod
Math, the Son of Mathonwy: Part IV. The Maiden Made of Flowers

Lemminkainen, His Destruction and His Restoration to Life

In the Beginning
The Building of the Wall
Loki's Punishment
The Children of Loki
Ragna Rök, the Fate of the Gods

The Heavenly Nymph and her Mortal Husband
The Churning of the Ocean
The Birth of the Ganges
Sāvitrī and the Lord of the Dead
Damayantī's Choice

Gotama's Attainment

In the Beginning
The Weaver Maiden and the Herdsman

The Sun Goddess and the Storm God and the Strife there was Between Them
The First People

In the Beginning
How Ma-Ui Strove to Win Immortality For All Creatures
Pe-le, Hawaii's Goddess Of Volcanic Fire, Part I
Pe-le, Hawaii's Goddess Of Volcanic Fire, Part II
Pe-le, Hawaii's Goddess Of Volcanic Fire, Part III

The Llama-Herder and the Virgin of the Sun

Central American and Mexican
In the Beginning
The Twin Heroes and the Lords of Xibalba
Quetzalcoatl's Enemy
The Gods of the Azteca
The Azteca


Paíyatuma and the Maidens of the Corn

Apuleius. Golden Ass (Adlington, trans.)

Today's free book is The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius translated by William Adlington. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

(image source)

Table of Contents

THE FIRST CHAPTER: How Apuleius riding in Thessaly, fortuned to fall into company with two strangers, that reasoned together of the mighty power of Witches.
THE SECOND CHAPTER: How Apuleius told to the strangers, what he saw a jugler do in Athens.
THE THIRD CHAPTER: How Socrates in his returne from Macedony to Larissa was spoyled and robbed, and how he fell acquainted with one Meroe a Witch.
THE FOURTH CHAPTER: How Meroe the Witch turned divers persons into miserable beasts.
THE FIFTH CHAPTER: How Socrates and Aristomenus slept together in one Chamber, and how they were handled by Witches.
THE SIXTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius came unto a city named Hipate, and was lodged in one Milos house, and brought him letters from one Demeas of Corinth.
THE SEVENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius going to buy fish, met with his companion Pythias.

THE EIGHTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius fortuned to meet with his Cousin Byrrhena.
THE NINTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius fell in love with Fotis.
THE TENTH CHAPTER: How Byrrhena sent victuals unto Apuleius, and how hee talked with Milo of Diophanes, and how he lay with Fotis.
THE ELEVENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius supped with Byrrhena, and what a strange tale Bellephoron told at the table.

THE TWELFTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was taken and put in prison for murther.
THE THIRTEENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was accused by an old man, and how he answered for himselfe.
THE FOURTEENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was accused by two women, and how the slaine bodies were found blowne bladders.
THE FIFTEENTH CHAPTER: How Fotis told to Apuleius, what witchcraft her mistresse did use.
THE SIXTEENTH CHAPTER: How Fotis brought Apuleius to see her Mistresse enchant.
THE SEVENTEENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius thinking to be turned into a Bird, was turned into an Asse, and how he was led away by Theves.

THE EIGHTEENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius thinking to eat Roses, was cruelly beaten by a Gardener, and chased by dogs.
THE NINETEENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was prevented of his purpose, and how the Theeves came to their den.
THE TWENTIETH CHAPTER: How Thrasileon was disguised in a Beares skin, and how he was handled.
THE TWENTY-FIRST CHAPTER: How the Theeves stole away a Gentlewoman, and brought her to their den.

THE TWENTY-SECOND CHAPTER: The most pleasant and delectable tale of the marriage of Cupid and Psyches.

THE TWENTY-THIRD CHAPTER: How Apuleius carried away the Gentlewoman, and how they were taken againe by the theeves, and what a kind of death was invented for them.

THE TWENTY-FOURTH CHAPTER: How hee that was left behinde at Hippata did bring newes concerning the robbery of Miloes house, came home and declared to his Company, that all the fault was laid to one Apuleius his charge.
THE TWENTY-FIFTH CHAPTER: How the death of the Asse, and the Gentlewoman was stayed.
THE TWENTY-SIXTH CHAPTER: How all the Theeves were brought asleepe by their new companion.
THE TWENTY-SEVENTH CHAPTER: How the Gentlewoman was carried home by her husband while the theeves were asleepe, and how much Apuleius was made of.
THE TWENTY-EIGHTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was made a common Asse to fetch home wood, and how he was handled by a boy.
THE TWENTY-NINTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was accused of Lechery by the boy.
THE THIRTIETH CHAPTER: How the boy that lead Apuleius to the field, was slaine in the wood.
THE THIRTY-FIRST CHAPTER: How Apuleius was cruelly beaten by the Mother of the boy that was slaine.

THE THIRTY-SECOND CHAPTER: How a young man came and declared the miserable death of Lepolemus and his wife Charites.
THE THIRTY-THIRD CHAPTER: How Apuleius was lead away by the Horsekeeper: and what danger he was in.
THE THIRTY-FOURTH CHAPTER: How the shepheards determined to abide in a certaine wood to cure their wounds.
THE THIRTY-FIFTH CHAPTER: How a woman killed her selfe and her child, because her husband haunted harlots.
THE THIRTY-SIXTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was cheapned by divers persons, and how they looked in his mouth to know his age.

THE THIRTY-SEVENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius saved himselfe from the Cooke, breaking his halter, and of other things that happened.
THE THIRTY-EIGHTH CHAPTER: Of the deceipt of a Woman which made her husband Cuckold.
THE THIRTY-NINTH CHAPTER: How the Priests of the goddesse Siria were taken and put in prison, and how Apuleius was sold to a Baker.
THE FORTIETH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was handled by the Bakers wife, which was a harlot.
THE FORTY-FIRST CHAPTER: How Barbarus being jealous over his wife, commanded that shee should be kept close in his house, and what happened.
THE FORTY-SECOND CHAPTER: How Apuleius after the Baker was hanged, was sold to a Gardener, and what dreadfull things happened.
THE FORTY-THIRD CHAPTER: How Apuleius was found by his shadow.

THE FORTY-FOURTH CHAPTER: How the souldier drave Apuleius away, and how he came to a Captaines house, and what happened there.
THE FORTY-FIFTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius was sold to two brethren, whereof one was a Baker, and the other a Cooke, and how finely and daintily he fared.
THE FORTY-SIXTH CHAPTER: How a certaine Matron fell in love with Apuleius, how hee had his pleasure with her, and what other things happened.

THE FORTY-SEVENTH CHAPTER: How Apuleius by Roses and prayer returned to his humane shape.
THE FORTY-EIGHTH CHAPTER: How the parents and friends of Apuleius heard news that he was alive and in health.

Besant. Legends and Tales

Today's free book is Legends and Tales by Annie Besant; you can read more about this remarkable woman here: Author - Annie Besant.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Ganga, the River Maid
The Stealing of Persephone
The First Roses
The Drowning of the World
The Wandering Jew
Perseus, the Savior
The Story of Hypatia

Leland. Legends of Florence.

Today's free book is Legends of Florence by Charles Godfrey Leland. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. There is also a free Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Table of Contents

The Three Horns of Messer Guicciardini
The Pills of the Medici
Furicchia, or the Egg-Woman of the Mercato Vecchio
The Lanterns of the Strozzi Palace
The Goblin of La Via Del Corno
Frate Giocondo, the Monk of Santa Maria Novella
The Legend of the Croce al Trebbio
The Two Fairies of the Well
The Story of the Via Delle Serve Smarrite
The Bronze Boar of the Mercato Nuovo
The Fairy of the Campanile, or the Tower of Giotto
The Goblin of the Tower Della Trinita, or the Porta San Niccolo
The Ghost of Michel Angelo
The Apparition of Dante
Legends of La Certosa
Legends of the Bridges in Florence
The Bashful Lover
La Fortuna
The Story of the Unfinished Palace
The Devil of the Mercato Vecchio
Seeing that All was Right
The Enchanted Cow of La Via Vacchereccia
The Witch of the Porta Alla Croce
The Column of Cosimo, or Della Santa Trinita
Legends of Or’ San Michele
The Witch of the Arno
Stories of San Miniato
The Frair’s Head of Santa Maria Maggiore—The Lady who Confessed for Everybody—Holy Relics
Biancone, the Giant Statue in the Signoria
The Red Goblin of the Bargello
Legends of San Lorenzo
Legends of the Piazza San Biagio
The Spirit of the Porta San Gallo
Story of the Podestà who was Long on his Journey
Legends of the Boboli Gardens: the Old Gardener, and the Two Statues and the Fairy
How La Via Della Mosca got its Name
The Roman Vase
The Unfortunate Priest
The Mysterious Fig-Tree
Il Palazzo Feroni
La Via Delle Belle DonneThe Wizard with Red Teeth
Orpheus and Eurydice
Intialo: the Spirit of the Haunting Shadow
Cain and his Worshippers

Mincieli. Tales, merry and wise (Italian)

Today's free book is Tales, merry and wise by Rose Laura Mincieli (1958) with illustrations by Kurt Werth. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Errato di Barletto
The Songstress and the Fairies
The Pot of Gold
The Wonderful Night
The Cavallino
Mece and His Merry Pranks
A Message for a Donkey
The Queen and the Golden Egg
The Merchant, Saint Michael, and the Devil
The Dog, the Cat, and the Mouse
The Inquiring Rabbit, or The Strongest Thing in the World
The Shepherd's Pipe
The Farmer and the Harvesters
The C \oat That Taught the Housewife
The Three Brothers
Dancing He Would Go
The Beacon Light
The Capricious Month
Written in the Stars
The Three Sisters and the Old Witch
Saint Crispin and the Old One

Steedman. Legends and stories of Italy

Today's free book is Legends and stories of Italy for children by Amy Steedman (1909) with illustrations by Katharine Cameron. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available to read online at Hathi Trust (I have not checked other online sources).

(illustration by Katharine Cameron)

Table of Contents

The Legend of the Christmas Rose
The Merciful Knight
The Saint-Maid of Lucca
Saint Mark and the Fisherman
The Legend of the Castellano
Stella Maris
The Angel and the Diavolo
Little Legends of the Madonna
The Little Countess

A Tale of the Epiphany
Marziale, the Robber Chief
The Angels' Robe
A Tale of Old Florence
The Story of the Empress Flavia

Bussey. Fables, original and selected

Today's free book is Fables, original and selected by George Moir Bussey (1842) with illustrations by J. J. Grandville. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

The Cock and the Fox
The Wolf and the Shepherd
Caesar and the Slave
The Young Man and the Swallow
The Nightingale and the Peacock
The Young Man and the Lion
The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape
The Falcon and the Hen
The Travellers and the Money-bag
The Eagle and the Crow
Jupiter and the Horse
The Horse and the Ox
The Lion and the Hare
The Two Foxes
The Poet and the Death-watch
The Only Wise Man
The Countryman and the Snake
The Physicians
The Vain Jackdaw
The Stag Looking Into the Water
The Eagle and the Fox
The Frogs and the Fighting Bulls
The Kite and the Pigeons
The Stag in the Ox-stall
The Lamb Brought Up by a Goat
The Peacock's Complaint
The Frog and the Fox
The Fox and the Tiger
The Mischievous Dog
The Fox and the Ape
The Oak and the Reed
The Travelers and the Bear
Jupiter and the Camel
The Bald Knight
The Cock and the Jewel
The Cat Metamorphosed Into a Woman
The Wolf, a Hero
The Mouse and the Weasel
The Old Hound
The Tortoise and the Eagle
The Court and Country Mice
The Borrowstoune Mouse and the Landward Mouse
The Bitch and Her Friend
The Laurustinus and the Rose-tree
The Marmot and the Ant
The Wood and the Clown
The Ant and the Fly
The Waterfall
The Nurse and the Wolf
The Black and Red Lobsters
The Blind Man and the Lame
The Horse and the Stag
The Sparrows
The Lynx and the Mole
The Boar and the Ass
The Lion and the Four Bulls
The Snipe Shooter
The Ass and the Race-horse
The Blind Hercules
The Hare's Ears
The Old Man and Death
The Brother and Sister
Pairing Time Anticipated
The Mushroom and the Acorn
The Eagle, the Cat, and the Sow
The Man and His Goose
The Spectacles
The Snake and the Hedgehog
The Partial Judge
The Bees and the Silk-worms
The Mimic and the Countryman
The Cricket and the Nightingale
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Sick Kite
The Wolf and the Dog
The Dragon and the Two Foxes
The Satyr and the Traveller
The Tulip and the Violet
The Hawk and the Nightingale
The Lion and the Gnat
The Creaking Wheel
The Fox and the Stork
Industry and Sloth
The Phoenix
The Court of Death
The Trumpeter
The Boy and the Nettle
The Kingfisher and the Sparrow
The Monkey
The Angler and the Little Fish
The Cat and the Two Sparrows
The Lion and the Mouse
The Fatal Marriage
The Tube Rose and the Sunflower
Hercules and the Carter
The Miller, His Son, and the Ass
The Trees and the Bramble
The Goat and the Lion
The Beggar and His Dog
The Fox and the Swallow
The Two Frogs
The Wanton Calf
The Sorceress
The Discontented Ass
The Boasting Traveller
The Leopard and the Fox
The Two Goats
The Goose
The Two Young Lions
The Owl and the Nightingale
The Sun and the Wind
The Pear-tree and the Thorn
The Astrologer
The Hermit and the Bear
Echo and the Owl
The Two Springs
The Peacock and the Crane
The Oak and the Swine
The Ass in the Lion's Skin
The Pelican
The Swallow and Other Birds
The Lion and the Tiger
The Country Maid and Her Milk-pail
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Fortune and the Boy
The King Alphonso
Young Bacchus and the Faun
The Partridge and the Cocks
The Hunted Beaver
The Lion and the Frog
The Swain and the Horse
The Owl and the Treasure-seeker
The Fowler and the Blackbird
The Cormorant and the Fisher
The Butterfly and the Rose
The Jackdaw and the Pigeons
The Farmer and His Stag
The Deadly Nightshade
Genius, Virtue, and Reputation
The Wolf and the Shepherds
The Sultan and the Owls
The Gnat and the Bee
The Two Lizards
The Eagle and the Owl
The Hen and the Swallow
The Collier and the Fuller
The Spider and the Silkworm
The Passenger and the Pilot
The Wasp and the Bee
The Goose and the Horse
The Fox and the Vizor-mask
The Dervise
The Mole and Her Dam
The Ivy and the Thyme
The Two Mice
The Fox and the Raven
The Owl That Longed to Be Married
The Caliph
The Dog and the Sheep
The Mouse, the Lapdog, and the Monkeyy
Jupiter and the Ass
The Dove and the Ant
The Wasps
The Parrot
The Rat in Retirement
The Bear, the Ape, and the Hog
The Dog and His Relations
The Kid and the Wolf
The One-eyed Doe
The Two Dogs
The Mule
The Flying-fish
The Little Dog
The Miser and the Magpie
The Cuckoo
The Ass, the Lion, and the Cock
The Hounds in Couples
Minerva's Choice
The Fox and the Grapes
The Spaniel and the Mastiff
The Parrot and His Cage
The Two Horses
The River Fish and the Sea Fish
Jupiter's Lottery
The Boy and His Mother
The Ostrich
The Dog and the Crocodile
The Goat and the Vine
The Bee and the Grasshopper
The Flint and the Steel
The Envious Man and the Covetous
The Geese and the Cranes
The Horse and the Ass
Wasps in a Honey-pot
The Iron Pot and the Earthen Pot
Pythagoras and the Critic
The Diamond and the Loadstone
The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox
The Redbreast and the Sparrow
The Fly in Saint Paul's Cupola
The Cat and the Bat
Death and Cupid
The Fowler and the Ring-dove
The Stork and the Crow
The Ox and the Stag
The Sword and the Spit
The Boy and the Snake
The Ass and the Wolf
The Wolf on His Deathbed
The Ant and the Caterpillar
The Tentyrites and the Ichneumon
Man and His Likeness
The Sensitive Plant and the Palm Tree
The Woodcock and the Mallard
Love and Folly
The Discontented Labourer
The Sun and the Vapour
The Drunken Husband
The Old Woman and Her Maids
Aesop and the Impertinent Fellow
The Brazen Statue
The Crow and the Peacocks
The Cock Unfeathered
The Cat, the Weasel, and the Young Rabbit
The Horse and the Loaded Ass
The Peacock and the Magpie
The Lion With the Ass
The Ass With the Lion
The Cat and the Rabbits
The Treasure and the Wishes
The Ox and the Calf
The Hog and Other Animals
The Goldfinch and the Linnet
The Farmer, the Cranes, and the Stork
The Cameleon
The Butterfly, the Snail, and the Bee
The Snuffbox and the Spectacles
The Rat and the Idol
The Blind Hen
The Young Men and the Cook
The Litigious Cats
The Elm Tree and the Vine
The Old Fox
Nature and Education
Aesop and the Ass
The Bull and the Frog
The Shepherd's Boy
The Eagle and the Ring
The Sea and the Rivers
The Linnet and the Swan
The Eclipse
The Two Crabs
The Diamond and the Glow-worm
The Man and the Stone
The Gout and the Spider
The Man Bit by a Dog
The Monster in the Sun
The Young Mouse
Wisdom and Cunning
The Ass and the Dog
The Stork and the Fox
The Owl and the Eagle
The Fox and the Wolf
The Tulip and the Rose
The Ape and the Mastiff
Jupiter and Apollo
The Traveling Elephant
The Discontented Bee
The Boy and the Butterfly
The Ape and Her Two Young Ones
Mercury and the Sculptor
The Colt and the Farmer
The Fisherman
The Miser and His Treasure
The Stars and the Sky-rocket
The Vulture and the Tortoise
The Boy and the Filberts
The Discontented Squirrel
The Rat With a Bell
The Watersnake
The Donkeys
The Magpie and the Raven
The Raven and the Fox
The Jeweler and the Lacemaker
The Farmer and His Three Enemies
The Ploughman and Fortune
The Dog and the Shadow
The Wolf and the Lamb
The Hare and the Wolf
The Boys and the Frogs
The Elephants and Their Master
The Bear and the Beehives
The Forester and the Lion
The Monkey and the Cat
The Trouts and the Gudgeon
The Merchant-shepherd
The Mouse in an Annual
The Ass and the Lion
The Oak and the Sycamore
The Wolf and the Lean Dog
The Murrain
The Cobbler and the Banker
History of the Old Wolf
Jupiter and the Sheep
The Raven
The Butterfly and the Flowers
The Schoolboy, the Pedant and the Gardener
The Rivulet and the Well
The Poet and the Rose
The Painter
Whang the Miller
The Izarn
The Miser
The Wallet
The Lost Camel
The Fox and the Mask
The Spectacles
The Mouse
Time and Cupid
The Goats
The Fox and the Cat
The Cock and the Raven
The Hermit
The Furies
Simonides Saved by the Gods
The Thorn
The Rabbits
The Sheep
The Man and the Flea
The Lion and the Ass Hunting
The King and the Two Shepherds
The Man and the Dog
The Two Rats, the Fox, and the Egg
The Jugglers
The Pasha and the Merchant
The Fox and the Tiger
The Toad and the Goldfish
The Cowherd and the Gamekeeper
The Boy and the Rainbow
The Grapes
The Cat and the Looking-glass
The Wolf and the Huntsman
The Fox
The Paroquet and the Dove
The Horse and the Leopard
The Corpse and the Curate
The Fighting-cocks and the Turkey
The Bear
The Wild Apple-tree
The Fruits of the Market
The Crow and the Raven
The Dove
The Stag and the Fox
The Ostrich and the Pelican
The Snail and the Statue
The Goose and the Swans
The Dog With the Cropped Ears
The King, the River, and the Handful of Earth
The Sheep and the Swallow
The Horse and the Goat
The Jealous Cock
The Fairies' Gift
The Bull and the Goat
The Dog Baulked of His Dinner
The Hart and the Fox
The Wolf and the Shepherd's Dog
The Stag and the Fawn
The Raven
The Lion in Love
Solomon's Ghost
The Obsequies of the Lioness
The Benefactors
The Lawyer and Justice
The Two Merchants
The Chicken and the Cock
The Beasts Striving for Precedence
The Wasps and the Bees
The Two Linnets
The Acorn and the Gourd
The Peacock and the Nightingale
The Young Lion and the Ape
The Ape and the Dog
The Toad and the Ephemeron
The Peacock
The Dragons
The Fox Ambassador
The Squirrel and the Lion
The Treasure and the Two Men
The Lioness and the Fox
The Ape and the Miser
The Viper and the File
The Farmer and His Sons
The Fowler and the Lark
The Fir-tree and the Bramble
The Tortoise and the Two Ducks
The Butterfly and the Snail
The Bee and the Spider
The Fox and the Sick Lion
The Spaniel and the Cameleon
The Cat and the Mice
The Royal Ape
The Lion, the Bear, the Monkey, and the Fox
The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat
The Pineapples
The Fox and the Lion
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Owl and the Grasshopper
The Wolves and the Sick Ass
The Young Lady and the Looking-glass
The Cat, the Cock, and the Young Mouse
The Cat and the Spaniel
The Lion and Other Beasts Hunting
The Ass and the Lapdog
The Farmer and the His Dog
The Farmer, the Spaniel and the Cat
The Lark and the Cuckoo
The Dog That Carried His Master's Dinner
The Bee and the Ant
The Old Woman and the Empty Cask
The Judicious Lion
The Hawk and the Farmer
The Farmer, the Horseman, and the Pedestrian
The Wolf and the Ape
The Lioness and the Monkey
The Hummingbird and the Traveler
The Two Peasants and the Cloud
The Monkey Who Had Seen the World
The Cat and the Old Rat
The Patient Sheep
The Two Bees
Aesop at Play
The Two Sleepwalkers
The Monkey and the Leopard
The Rat and the Oyster
The Birds of Passage
The Sow and the Bitch
The Sparrow and the Hare
The Boy and the Silkworm
The Sheep-biter
The Father and His Two Sons
The Thief and the Dog
The Crooked Tree
The Belly and the Limbs
The Fly
The Starling, the Parrot, and the Magpie
The Two Dogs
The Wolf and the Lamb
The Thieves and the Cock
The Blackamoor
The Serpent and the Man
The Frog and the Mouse
The Universal Apparition
The Pigeon and the Windmill
Mercury and the Woodman
The Lion and the Wolf
The Harper
The Cat and the Cock
The Marauding Pike
The Vizier and the Clown
The Eagle and the Rabbits
The Horse and the Wasp
The Two Owls and the Sparrow
The Eagle
The Cat and the Rat
The Lion and the Fox
The Tongues
The Marten, the Hen, and the Chicken
The Squirrel and the Horse
The Ass Eating Thistles
The Wolves and the Sheep
The Blind Man and the Serpent
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
The Sun and the Birds of Night
The Hare, the Eagle, the Hornet, and Jupiter
The Gnat and the Bull
The Frogs Demanding a King
The Advantage of Science
The Ass and His Master
The Sculptor and Chemist
Jupiter and the Herdsman
The Woodcutter and the Cuckoo
The Female Soothsayers
The Nightingale and the Bullfinch
The Sparrow and the Nightingale
The Presumption of Youth
The Fox the in the Well
The Sick Lion
The Husbandman and Asses
Father and Son
The Zoologist and the Weasels
The Bee and the Hornet
The Ostrich and the Birds
The Dog and the Cat
The Merchant and Fortune
The Wolves and the Lambs
The Mastiff and the Little Dogs
The Mole in Spectacles
The Serpent and the Frogs
The Cock and His Master
The Band, the Bobwig and the Feather
The Horse and the Colt
The Dying Atheist
The Butterfly and the Bee
The Dervise, the Thief, and the Devil
The Thief and the Boy
The House of Cards
The Spider and the Bee
The Cat and the Opera-glass
The Raindrop
The Elephants and the Rabbits
Vice and Fortune
The Mountain in Labour
The Monkeys and the Bears
The Sheep, the Boar, and the Crow
The Athenians and Lacedaemonians
The Ant and the Flea
The Two Adventurers
The Heifer Sacrificed
The Ravenous Cat
The Sow and the Wolf
The Old Man and His Ass
The Carp and Her Little Ones
The Partridge and the Falcon
The Young Dog
The Two Pigeons
The Young Linnet
The Leopard and the Lion
The Dog Unfortunately Assisted
The Kite and the Stork
The King and His Two Sons
The Viper and the Leech
The Violets
The Lark and Her Young Ones
The Mouse and the Snail
Jove's Petitioners
The Stags
The Youth and the Old Man
The Dervise and the Four Robbers
The Farmer's Wife and the Raven
The Merchant, His Wife, and the Robber
The Man and His Two Wives
The Decoy-bird
The Consultation of Tradesmen
The Birds Choosing a King
The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle
The Travellers
The Ass and the Flute
The Travelled Animals
The Husbandman and the Rats
The Bee and the Coquette
The Land of the Halt
The Foal
The Fox and the Bramble
The Two Thrushes
The Dervise, the Falcon, and the Raven
The Rat-catcher and the Cats
The Musical Wolf
The Fox and the Goat
The Mole and the Rabbits
The Nightingale and the Countryman
The Fox and the Drum
The Scorpion and the Tortoise
The Two Fishermen and the Three Fishes
The Dog in the Manger
The Goose and the Goldfinch
The Lion and the Rabbit
Colin's Flock
The Great and Small Bell
The Hunter, the Fox, and the Leopard
The Wolf Turned Shepherd
The Dog
The Poet, the Oyster, and the Sensitive Plant
The Old Tree and the Gardener
The Tyrant Who Became a Just Monarch
The Archer
The Husbandman of Castile
Jupiter and Minos
The Gardener and the Dog
The Ignorant Physician
Don Quixote
The Ass and the Gardener
Learning and Common Sense
The Robin and the White Mouse
The Dancing Bear
The Shepherd and the Nightingale
The Arrogant Mule
The Wolf, the Fox, the Raven, and the Camel
The Hare and Many Friends
The Two Gardeners