Smith. Annancy Stories.

Today's free book is Annancy Stories by Pamela Colman Smith, with illustrations by the author. This collection of stories about the Jamaican trickster Anansi (ultimately of West African origin) was published in 1899, which makes it roughly contemporary to Joel Chandler Harris's Brer Rabbit publications,

I have found this book at Internet Archive, Google Books, and Hathi Trust.

Here is a list of stories in the book:

Annancy and Chim-Chim
De Man An' De Six Poach Eggs
Why Toad Walk 'Pon Four Leg
Annancy An' Tiger Ridin' Horse
Mr. Titman
Why John Crow Hab Peel Head
Mother Calbee
How Annancy Win De Five Dubbloon
Annancy And Gingy Fly
How Annancy Went To Fish Country
Haylefayly An' Pretty Peallope
Paarat, Tiger, An' Annancy
Annancy An' De Nyam Hills
Ticky-Picky Boom- Boom
De Golden Water, De Singin' Tree An' De Talkin' Bird
How Annancy Fooled Death
The Three Sisters
Annancy And Dry Kull; Or, Why Hog Hab A Long Mouth
Dog An' De Duckanoo

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