Dorsey-Kroeber. Traditions of the Arapaho

Today's free book is Traditions of the Arapaho collected by George A. Dorsey and Alfred L. Kroeber. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

* Note the use of Latin titles for sexual stories.

Origin Myth (fragmentary: three versions)
The Origin of Culture
The Flood
The Flood and Origin of the Ceremonial Lodges
Origin of the Ceremonial Lodges
Origin of the Kitfox and Star Lodges
Origin of the Ceremonial Lodges
Lime-Crazy (two versions)
Origin of the Buffalo Lodge (two versions)
Origin of the Buffalo Lodge and the Sacred Bundle
Origin of the Seineniinahwaant
Nihancan loses his Eyes (two versions)
Nih'ancan and the Magic Arrows
Nihancan and the Dwarf's Arrow
Nihancan and Coyote (three versions)
Nihancan and the Deer Women
Nihancan's Feast of Beaver stolen by Coyote
Nihancan and the Beavers
Nihancan and the Dancing Ducks (two versions)
Nihancan and the Elks
Nihancan Penem trans Flumen mittit (two versions)
Nihancan fecit ut Membrum Virile demigret (two versions)
Nihancan pursued by the Rolling Stone (three versions)
Nihancan pursued by the Rolling Skull
Nihancan disguises himself as a Woman
Nihancan and the Two Maidens
Nihancan and the Mouse
Nihancan and his Mother-in-law
OneEyedSioux and his Mother-in-law
Nihancan usurps a Father's Place; Origin of Death
Nihancan and his Daughter K  r
One-Eyed-Sioux and his Daughter
Nihancan and the Seven Sisters
Nihancan and the Seven Sisters
Nihancan and Panther-Young-Man
Nihancan and Whirlwind-Woman (two versions)
Nihancan and the Bear-Women (two versions)
Nihancan and the Young Men race for Wives
Nihancan and the Mice's Sun Dance (two versions)
Nihancan cuts his Hair (two versions)
Nihancan goes Fishing
Nihancan sharpens his Leg and dives on the Ice
Nihancan dives on the Ice
Medicine-Man Kingfisher dives through the Ice
Nihancan imitates his Host (two versions)
Nihancan and the Dwarf
The Woman and the Horse
How the Dwarfs were killed
How the Cannibal Dwarfs were killed
The Cannibal Dwarf
The Dwarf who tried to catch a Woman
The Dwarf who caught a Woman
Sleepy-Young-Man and the Cannibals
The Beheaded Ones
The Cannibal Babe
The Woman and the Monster
The Woman who gave birth to a Water Monster
The Water Monster
The Water Monster slain
The Man who became a Water Monster
The Man who became a Snake
The Woman who had Beaver Children
Bear, the Six Brothers and the Sister
Foot-Stuck-Child (two versions)
Badger-Woman (three versions)
Nariniiha, the Substitute
The White Dog and the Woman (two versions)
The White Dog, the Woman and the Seven Puppies
The She Bear and the Two Brothers
The Adulterous Bear
The Bear and the Old Men
The Bear who painted himself
The Deceived Bear
The Bear and the Skunk
The Quarrelling Porcupines
The Painted Porcupine
Thunder-Bird and White-Owl
Raw-Gums and White-Owl-Woman
The Skunk and the Rabbit
Turtle's Warparty
The Girl who became a Bear
Big Owl, Owner-of-Bag
The Red Speckled Horse
The Man who sharpened his Foot (two versions)
The Lame Warrior and the Skeleton
Mulier cuius Vagina Multis Dentibus insita est
The Man who brought back the Dead Body
The Sioux Woman who acted as a Man
The Faithless Woman and the Kiowa
The Horse-Tick
The White Buffalo Cow
The Eight Young Men who became Women
Journey to the Owners of Moonshells
Spitting-Horn-Shell and Split-Rump
The White Crow
Man-Above and his Medicine
Skull acts as Foodgetter
The Deceived Blind Man (two versions)
The Deceived Blind Man and the Deserted Children
The Deserted Children
The Young Man and his Father-in-law
Blood-Clot-Boy and White-Owl
Blood-Clot-Girl (two versions)
The Porcupine and the Woman who climbed to the Sky (five versions)
Found-in-Grass (five versions)
Blue-Bird, Buffalo-Woman, and Elk-Woman (two versions)
Blue-Feather and Lone-Bull

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