Dorsey. Mythology of the Wichita

Today's free book is The Mythology of the Wichita collected by George A. Dorsey . For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The First Creation

The Deeds of the Coyote and Young-Star
The Coyote and His Magic Shield and Arrows (two versions)
The Great-South-Star, the Protector of Warriors (three versions)
The Seven Brothers and the Woman
The Seven Brothers and the Sister (two versions)
The Seven Brothers and the Sister
Owner-of-Black-and-White-Flint-Knives and His Son
The Deeds of After-Birth-Boy
The Thunderbird and the Water-Monster
The Deeds of Wets-the-Bed
The Deeds of Wets-the-Bed
The Thunderbird-Woman
Healthy-Flint-Stone-Man and Woman-Having-Powers-in-the-Water
The Hawk and His Four Dogs
The Story of Child-of-a-Dog
The Old-Age-Dog Who Rescued the Chief's Son (two versions)
Young-Boy-Chief Who Became an Otter (two versions)
The Man Who Became a Flamingo
The Spiders Who Recovered the Chief's Grandson
The Origin of the Eagles
The Coyote and the Buffalo
Half-a-Boy Who Overcame the Gambler
Young-Boy-Chief Who Married a Buffalo
The Swift-Hawks and Shadow-of-the-Sun (two versions)
Young-Boy-Chief and His Sister
The Story of Not-Know-Who-You-Are
Early-Morning-Deer-Slayer Who Overcame the Elk
Trouble Among the Chief's Children
The Turtle's War-Party (two versions)
Little-Crow Who Became a Sparrow-Hawk
The Little-Brown-Hawks
The Coyote Who Lost His Powers
The Boy Who Led War-Parties and Became a Hawk
The Coyote and the Warrior
The End of the Trickster-Cheater
The Coyote, the Prairie-Turtle, and the Squirrel
The Coyote, the Rabbit, and the Scalped-Man
The Coyote and the Skunk Who Inaugurated the Feast
The Coyote Who Became a Buffalo
The Coyote and the Artichoke
The Coyote and the Wild-Cat
The Coyote, the Opossum, and The Crow
The Coyote and the Fish-Hawk
The Coyote and the Bear
The Coyote and the Smallest Snake
The Coyote and the Turkey
The Deluge and the Repeopling of the Earth (two versions)

The Woman Who Married a Star
The Man Who Went to Spirit-Land
The Man Who Rescued His Wife from Spirit-Land
The Crippled Boy Who Disobeyed the Gods

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