Dorsey. Traditions of the Osage

Today's free book is Traditions of the Osage collected by George A. Dorsey. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Buffalo and the Rabbit
The Grasshopper and the dancing Turkeys
The Prairie Chicken and the Wolf
The Wolf and the Buffalo
The Opossum and the Skunk
The Skunk and the Wolf
The Skunk and the Wolf
The Bear and the Wolf
The Raccoon and the Wolf
The Raccoon and the Wolf
The Bald-Eagle and the Wolf
The Turtle's War-party (two versions)
The Mourning Frog
The Mountain-Lion and the Four Sisters
The Mountain-Lion and the Seven Sisters
The Rolling Head
The Old Woman and the Grasshopper
The Old Woman and the Orphan Boy
The Rabbit and the Picture
The Woman who married her Son
The Woman who tried to marry her Son-in-Law
The Woman who married a Buffalo
The Girl and the Mountain-Lion
The Mourning Woman and her Lover
The Deceived Boy
The Boy and Old Cheat
The Boy and his Dog
The Boy and Big-Nest
The Deserted Boy and his Sister
The Boy, the Arrow, and the Ducks
The Boy and the Mountain-Lion
The Boy and the Owl
The Boy who killed the Hill
The Boy and the Bad Spirit
The Chief's Son and the Orphan Girl
The Water Baby
The Lost Boy and his Horse
The Boy who ran away
Splinter-Foot Girl

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