Dorsey. Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee

Today's free book is Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee collected by George A. Dorsey. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

(photograph from the book)

Dispersion of the Gods and the First People
Lightning visits the Earth
The Origin
The Deluge
Death of the Flint-Monster: Origin of Birds
Contest between Heavenly and Earthly Gods
How the Buffalo went South
The Death of Spider-Woman
The God-of-Wind
Ready-to-Give and his Wonderful Feathers
The Morning-Star Bundles
The Skull Bundle
The Warrior Bundle Corn
The Milky Way
The Children-of-the-Sun Society
The Girl who married a Star
The Boy who disobeyed the Stars
Origin of the Few-Buffalo-Dancers Society
The Man who visited Spirit Land
The Woman who returned from Spirit Land
Scalped-Men and Spirit Land
Scalped-Man loses his Wife
Belief in Ghosts

Blood-Clot Boy
Long-Tooth Boy
The Boy who talked with Lightning
The Boy and the Cruel Chief
The Boy and the Mother-Mouse
The Boy and the Thistles
The Boy who conquered the Buffalo
The Boy who slew Young-Bull-with-White-Spot-on-Forehead
The Boy who put an End to Cannibalism
The Boy and the Elk
The Boy and the Wonderful Robe
The Boy, the Bears, and White Crow
The Boy and White Crow
The Boy and the Snowbird
The Boy and the Owl
The Boy and the Mud Pony
The Boy and the Horse (A)
The Boy and the Horse (B)
Two Boys, the Thunder-Bird, and the Water-Monster
The Eagle Boy
The Young Eagle and his Grandmother
The Child of the Animals

The Chief and Medicine-Man Quarrel
The Sun Medicine
The Sun-Bear Medicine
The Bear Medicine
The Elk Medicine
The Moon Medicine
The Scalped-Man Medicine
The Owl Medicine
The Skeleton Medicine
The Buffalo-Skull Medicine Lodge
The Death of the Witch Medicine-Man
The Duck Medicine Shield
The Gambler and the Slain Enemies
Scabby-Bull, the Wonderful Medicine-Man

The Story of Coyote
Coyote rescues a Maiden
Coyote and the Rolling Stone
Coyote and the Seven Buffalo
Coyote and the Blind Buffalo
Coyote and the Turkeys
Coyote, Cougar, and Fox
Coyote and Beaver
Coyote and Bear
Coyote and Raccoon
Coyote and Eagle
Coyote and Artichoke
Coyote and the Choke-Cherries
Big Turtle
Turtle's War-Party
Buffalo and Deer
Fox and Rabbit

Deer-Wife and Buffalo-Wife
The Man who married a Buffalo
The Man who became a Snake
The Woman who became a Horse
The Boy who became a Prairie-Dog
The Snake-Hawks
Speak-Riddles and Wise-Spirit
Contest between Witch-Woman and Beaver
The Woman who wanted to be carried
The Hairy Man
The Girl who grieved for her Brother
The Meteor's Child
lack and White, a love story

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