Dorsey. Traditions of the Caddo

Today's free book is Traditions of the Caddo collected by George A. Dorsey. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Creation and Early Migrations
The Origin of Day and Night
The Origin of Animals
Coyote regulates Life after Death
Coyote and the Origin of Death
The Second Man who came out of the Earth
Snake-Woman distributes Seeds
The Flood
The Effeminate Man who introduced Strife
The Origin of the Medicine-Men
The Girl who married a Turtle
The Man and the Dog who became Stars
Evening-Star and Orphan-Star
The Girl who married a Star (two versions)
Lightning and the People
The Brothers who became Lightning and Thunder
Splinter Foot Boy
Medicine-Screech-Owl (two versions)
The Orphan Boy who became a Wrestler
The Dangerous Water Monster
Slaying the Monsters by Fire (two versions)
How the Buffalo ceased to eat Human Beings
The Girl who had power to call the Buffalo
The Old Woman who kept all the Pecans
The Coward, the Son of the Moon
The First War Party
The Power of the Cyclone
How the Cannibal was destroyed
The Young Men and the Cannibals
Coyote and the Six Brothers
The Death of the Cannibals
The Man who made Arrows for Ghost
The Lazy Boys who became the Pleiades
The Lost Timber Spirits
The Man who turned into a Snake
The Woman who turned into a Snake
How Owl fooled the Girls who wanted to marry the Chief
The Poor Hunter and the Alligator Power
The Boy who married a Mountain-Lion
Buffalo Woman
The Girl who married Wild-Cat
The Woman who tried to kill her Son
The Jealous Husband
The Turtle who carried the People away
Why Dogs have Long Tongues
Why Hawks have Thin Legs
The Power of Buffalo and Bear
How Rabbit stole Mountain-Lion's Teeth
Rabbit and the Dancing Turkeys
Adventures of Coyote
Coyote escapes an Imaginary Foe
Coyote goes Fishing
Coyote hunts Geese
Coyote imitates his Host (two versions)
Coyote, the Deer, and the Wind
Coyote dives for Meat
Coyote, the Geese, and the Woodpeckers
Coyote and Rabbit kill a Buffalo
Coyote, Mountain-Lion, and Rabbit
Coyote becomes a Buffalo
Coyote and the Turkeys
Coyote's Eyes are replaced by Buckeyes
Coyote and Turtle run a Race
Coyote, Wild-Cat, and the Old Woman
Coyote challenges the Snake
Coyote turns into a Corn Mill

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