Curtin. Myths of the Modocs

Today's free book is Myths of the Modocs by Jeremiah Curtin. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Five Brothers of Latkakawas
Isis and Yaullik's Daughters
Kumush and His Daughter
Wanaga Becomes Wus-Kumush
Stealing Fire
How Sickness Came into the World
How Old Age Came into the World
Lemeis and Nul-we
Wind and Thunder
Gaukos and Kulta
Tcoitcak and His Pack
Moasam Beps, the Daughter of South Wind
West Wind's Wives
The Star Brothers
The Rainmaker
Old Man Lulus-Dewieas or Earthquake Old Man
Maidikdak's Daughters
Wus Kumush and Tsmuk
Frost and Thunder
Yahyahaas and the Kuja Sisters
Tsmuk and Goshgoise
Kaiutois Fools Wus
Blaiwas and the Head
Wus and His Troubles
Cedar Bird's Daughters Marry Bull Snake
Lok and Her Children
Gak and the Kaiutois Brothers
War between Beasts and Birds
Wus Wants to Marry a Butterfly
Lok Snewedjas
Snake Tries to Marry Squirrel's Daughters
Won and Dunwa
Wus and Tsmuk's Daughter
Frog Steals Deer's Baby
How Kalaslakkas Won His Wife
The Sloa Brothers
Coltz and Wus
The Bad Brother
Kowam and Gahga
Mink and Weasel
Gak Kills Pakol
The Stone People
Ilyuyu and Kulta's Sisters
The Bringing to Life of the Wus Brothers
Lok and Kekina
Grasshopper in Love with Deer
Kai and His Father-in-law, Natanatas
The Spirit of the Tula Grass
A Medicine Story. Number I
A Medicine Story. Number II
A Skoks Story
A Doctor Story

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