Beckwith. Mandan-Hidatsa Myths

Today's free book is Mandan-Hidatsa Myths and Ceremonies collected by Martha Warren Beckwith. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

1. First Creator and Lone Man
2. The Flood
3. The Sacred Arrow
Part 1. Charred Body
Part 2. Lodge Boy and Spring Boy
3. Unknown One, son of Two Men
4. The big Wind-Bag; Old woman's garden
5. Split-Wing-Feather; corn wife and buffalo wife
Variant a. Red Cloud
Variant b. Old Stone Man and his son-in-law
6. The burning of the Earth; a bird ceremony story
7. Packs Antelope; Thunderbird and Water monster
8. Sticks-a-feather-in-his-head; witch sister
9. Black Wolf; eagle-trapping medicine story
10. The hunter who lost his scalp
11. The lost boy
12. Crow Necklace; a medicine ceremony
13. Old Woman's Grandson; arrow and basket ceremony
14. Dog Man from Dog Den
15. Yellow Dog; a Dog Den story
16. Black Wolf and White Owl; a Dog Den story
17. The Flood; a buffalo and corn story
Part 1. Magpie
Part 2. Spring Buffalo
3. Stiff Robe
18. Four Wings; a Corn Silk story
19. Brown Bank Village; story of a snake ceremony
20. Snake Village and Buffalo Village
21. Ceremony of Giving-away-wives
Part 1. Wedge Calf
Part 2. High Hawk and Sun
22. Sun and the gambler
23. Bald Eagle; a corn and buffalo story
24. The pet Magpie; a corn and buffalo story
25. Eagle trapping ceremony
26. Origin of Eagle trapping ceremony
27. Chief-while-young; origin of Old Women's society
28. Hawk and Swallow; a bird ceremony origin story
29. Gives-away-his-arrow; wolf ceremony origin story
30. Story of Hungry Wolf; a wolf mystery story
31. Bringing Wolf into the Lodge
32. Story of the Bear ceremony
33. Medicine Men and Medicine ceremonies
34. Coyote and Sun
35. Coyote and Circle
36. Coyote turns Buffalo
37. Coyote has a race with Buffalo
38. Coyote and two blind men
39. Coyote marries his own daughter
40. Coyote and Whirlwind Woman
41. Coyote caught by the nose
42. Coyote and the rolling stone
43. Coyote feeds two women
44. Coyote teaches the Prairie Dogs to dance
45. Coyote and the Striped Gopher
46. Coyote corrects his world
47. Geography of a war party
48. Mandan Winter Count

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