Grinnell. Pawnee Hero Stories and Folktales

Today's free book is Pawnee Hero Stories and Folktales: With Notes on the Origin, Customs and Character of the Pawnee People by George Bird Grinnell. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!


Comanche Chief, the Peace-Maker
Lone Chief, Skŭr´-ar-a Le-shar
The Prisoners of Court House Rock
Wolves in the Night
A Leader of Soldiers
A Cheyenne Blanket
Little Warrior’s Counsel
A Comanche Bundle


The Dun Horse
A Story of Faith
The Bear Man
The Ghost Wife
Ti-ke-wa-kush, the Man who Called the Buffalo
The Boy who Was Sacrificed
The Snake Brother
The Ghost Bride
The Boy who Saw A-ti´-us
How the Deer Lost His Gall
Yellow Fox


The Pawnees:
I. Relationships
II. Origin and Migrations
III. The Skidi
IV. Name and Emblem

Pawnee Customs:
I. Early Days
II. Every-day Life
III. A Summer Hunt

The Pawnee in War:
I. Enemies and Methods of Warfare
II. Pa´-ni Le-shar and His Scouts
III. War Parties

I. Beliefs
II. Ceremonies
III. Medicine and Mystery

Later History:
I. Removal to the Indian Territory
II. Present Condition and Progress

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