Wilson. Indian Hero Tales

Today's free book is Indian Hero Tales by Gilbert Wilson and illustrated by Frederick Wilson. These are stories from the Abnaki people (Algonquian); you can find out more at Wikipedia: Abenaki.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The images are included as part of the story pages like this:

First Tale — The Coming of Glooskap
Second Tale — The Making of Man
Third Tale — Glooskap's Family
Fourth Tale — Glooskap and the Wicked Winpi
Fifth Tale — Glooskap and the Friendly Loons
Sixth Tale — Mikchich, Glooskap's Uncle
Seventh Tale — Glooskap and Kitpoosaguno
Eighth Tale — The Little Lads and the Kookwesses
Ninth Tale — Glooskap and the Witches
Tenth Tale — Glooskap and Pokinskwess
Eleventh Tale — Pulowech, Glooskap's Friend
Twelfth Tale — Glooskap and the Giant Sorcerers
Thirteenth Tale — Glooskap and Tumilkoontawoo
Fourteenth Tale — Glooskap and Atosis
Fifteenth Tale — Glooskap and the Frog Chief
Sixteenth Tale — Glooskap's Return to the Village
Seventeenth Tale — The Men who Disobeyed Glooskap
Eighteenth Tale — Keekwajoo and Kaktoogwasees
Nineteenth Tale — The Going of Glooskap
Twentieth Tale — Glooskap and the Three Seekers
Twenty-first Tale — Glooskap and the Three Men who became Pines
Twenty-second Tale — The Last Battle
Glossary of Indian Words
Explanatory Notes

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