Lummis. Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories

Today's free book is Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories by Charles Lummis. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, and Hathi Trust. The links below are to the Sacred Text edition of the book.

The Brown Story-Tellers
I. The Antelope Boy
II. The Coyote and the Crows
III. The War-Dance of the Mice
IV. The Coyote and the Blackbirds
V. The Coyote and the Bear
VI. The First of the Rattlesnakes
VII. The Coyote and the Woodpecker
VIII. The Man Who Married the Moon
IX. The Mother Moon
X. The Maker of the Thunder-Knives
XI. The Stone-Moving Song
XII. The Coyote and the Thunder-Knife
XIII. The Magic Hide and Seek
XIV. The Race of the Tails
XV. Honest Big-Ears
XVI. The Feathered Barbers
XVII. The Accursed Lake
XVIII. The Moqui Boy and the Eagle
XIX. The North Wind and the South Wind
XX. The Town of the Snake-Girls
XXI. The Drowning of Pecos
XXII. The Ants that Pushed on the Sky
XIII. The Man Who Wouldn't Keep Sunday
XXIV. The Brave Bobtails
XXV. The Revenge of the Fawns
XXVI. The Sobbing Pine
XXVII. The Quères Diana
XXVIII. A Pueblo Bluebeard
XXIX. The Hero Twins
XXX. The Hungry Grandfathers
XXXI. The Coyote
XXXII. Doctor Field-Mouse
XXXIII. A Pueblo Fairy Tale and the Way it was Told

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