Olcott. The Red Indian Fairy Book

Today's free book is The Red Indian Fairy Book by Frances Jenkins Olcott. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Baldwin Project, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

April the Month of Spring and Rainbows
The Spring Beauty
Little Dawn Boy and the Rainbow Trail
The Meadow Dandelion
Little Burnt-Face

May the Month of Flowers and Birds
The Elves
Woodpecker Gray
The Kind Hawk
The Boy Who Became a Robin
Legend of the Violet
The Star and the Water Lilies

June the Beautiful Month
Why Wild Roses Have Thorns
How the Fairies Came
The Summer Fairies
Leelinau the Fairy Girl
The Sky Elk
Legend of the Morning Star

July the Hot Month
The Firebird
The Star Bride
Ahneah the Rose Flower

August the Month of Water and Forests
Legend of Niagara and the Great Lakes
How the Hunter Became a Partridge
How Partridge Built the Birds' Canoes
The Noisy Chipmunk
The Wind-Blower
The Silver Brooches

September the Corn Month
How Indian Corn Came into the World
The Spirit of the Corn
The Little Corn-Bringer

October the Month of Nuts and Witches
The Nuts of Jonisgyont
Little Owl Boy
The Chestnut Kettle
The Ugly Wild Boy
Pitcher the Witch and the Black Cats

November the Month of Fun and Eating
Coyote the Hungry
Coyote the Proud
The Magic Windpipe
The Birds' Ball-Game
Why the Turkey Gobbles
The Land of the Northern Lights
The Poor Turkey Girl

December the Month of Gifts
The Mud Pony
The Wishes
The Mikumwess
The First Pine Trees
The Hidden Waters

January the Cold Month
Jowiis and the Eagles
The Boy in the Jug
The Brother and Sister
The Snow Man

February the Month of the Sky and the Rocks
The Rolling Rock
The Boy in the Moon
The Discontented Rock
The Singing Maidens
The Star Maiden

March the Month of the Rabbit and Spring
How Maple-Sugar Came
Mishosha or the Enchanted Sugar-Maple
How Master Rabbit Went Fishing
The Woodpecker Girls
Bad Wild Cat
How the Four Winds Were Named
Legend of the Trailing Arbutus

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