Judson. Myths and Legends of the Great Plains

Today's free book is Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Katharine Berry Judson. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

This book is available at Project GutenbergInternet ArchiveGoogle Books, and Hathi Books. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

The Creation - Osage
How the World was Made - Cherokee
The Flood and the Rainbow - Lenni-Lenapi (Delaware)
The First Fire - Cherokee
The Ancestors of People - Osage
Origin of Strawberries - Cherokee
Sacred Legend - Omaha
The Legend of the Peace Pipes - Omaha
A Tradition of the Calumet - Lenni-Lenapi (Delaware)
The Sacred Pole - Omaha
Ikto and the Thunders - Teton
The Thunder Bird - Comanche
The Thunder Bird - Assiniboin
Song to the Thunder Gods - Omaha
Songs of the Buffalo Hunt - Sioux
Origin of the Buffalo - Teton
The Buffalo Being - Teton
The Youth and the Underground People - Omaha
The Buffalo and the Grizzly Bear - Omaha
My First Buffalo Hunt - Omaha
Bird Omens - Sioux
The Bird Chief - Omaha
Song of the Birds - Pawnee
Song of Kawas, the Eagle - Pawnee
The Eagle’s Revenge - Cherokee
The Race between Humming Bird and Crane - Cherokee
Rabbit and the Turkeys - Omaha
Unktomi and the Bad Songs - Dakota
How the Pheasant Beat Corn - Cherokee
Why Turkey Gobbles - Cherokee
Omaha Beliefs - Omaha
Pawnee Beliefs - Pawnee
A Song of Hospitality - Sioux
A Song of the March - Sioux
Song of the Prairie Breeze - Kiowa
Old-Woman-Who-Never-Dies - Mandan
Legend of the Corn - Arikara
Tradition of the Finding of Horses - Ponca
Dakota Beliefs and Customs - Dakota
Why the Tetons Bury on Scaffolds - Teton
The Ghost’s Resentment - Dakota
The Forked Roads - Omaha
Tattooed Ghosts - Dakota
A Ghost Story - Ponca
The Ghost and the Traveler - Teton
The Man who Shot a Ghost - Teton
The Indian Who Wrestled with a Ghost - Teton
The Wakanda, or Water God - Yankton
The Spirit Land - Arapahoe
Waziya, the Weather Spirit - Teton
Kansas Blizzards - Kansa
Ikto and the Snowstorm - Teton
The Southern Bride - Cherokee
The Fallen Star - Dakota
Quarrel of Sun and Moon - Omaha
Why the Possum Plays Dead - Cherokee
Bog Myth - Dakota
Coyote and Snake - Omaha
Why the Wolves Help in War - Dakota
How Rabbit Escaped from the Wolves - Cherokee
How Rabbit Lost His Fat - Omaha
How Flint Visited Rabbit - Cherokee
How Rabbit Caught the Sun in a Trap - Omaha
How Rabbit Killed the Giant - Omaha
How Deer Got His Horns - Cherokee
Why the Deer has Blunt Teeth - Cherokee
Legend of the Head of Gold - Dakota
The Milky Way - Cherokee
Coyote and Gray Fox - Ponca
Ictinike and Turtle - Omaha
Ictinike and the Creators - Omaha
How Big Turtle Went on the War Path - Omaha

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