Goddard. Hupa Texts

Today's free book is Hupa Texts by Pliny Earle Goddard. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image; the links below are to the Sacred Texts edition.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Myths and Tales
I. Yīmantūwiñyai.--Creator and Culture Hero
II. XaxōwilwaL.--Dug-from-the-ground.
III. Xontcūwditcetc.--Rough-nose
IV. Yīnûkatsisdai.--He-lives-South.
V. Naxkekōsnadūwûl.--Two-neck.
VI. Litcūwdiñ yadeLtse.--At Sand-place They Lived
VII. Xonsadiñ Kûntcūwiltcwil.--Xonsadiñ Young Man
VIII. Datcwindiñ Xonaïswe.--Gooseberry-place Brush Dance
IX. Mīmedakût Kyūwintsit.--At Mīmedakût She Pounded Acorns
X. Tōdiñ KeïtLō.--By the River She Made Baskets
XI. The Cause of the Lunar Eclipse
XII. Origin of Fire
XIII. The Coming of White Men
XIV. The Coming of White Men

Relating to Dances and Feasts
XV. The Young Man who Threw Himself with the Arrow
XVI. The Scabby Young Man
XVII. The Passing of the Kīxûnai
XVIII. The Spoiling of the World
XIX. Formula of the Jumping Dance
XX. Daily Prayer of the Priest at the Jumping Dance
XXI. Origin of the Jumping Dance
XXII. Formula of the Acorn Feast
XXIII. Formula used at the Tcexōltcwe Rocks
XXIV. Formula of the Spring Dance.
XXV. Origin of the KinaLdûñ Dance
XXVI. Directions and Formula for the Brush Dance
XXVII. Formula for the Eel Medicine
XXVIII. Formula for the Salmon Medicine
XXVIII. Formula of the Rain-rock Medicine

Formulas of Private Medicines

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