Humishuma. Coyote Stories

Today's free book is Coyote Stories by Mourning Dove,  Humishuma (1933), with illustrations by Heister Dean Guie. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources). You can read more about Mourning Dove at Wikipedia.

Table of Contents

1. The Spirit Chief Names the Animal People
2. Fox and Coyote and Whale
34 Coyote Fights Some Monsters
IV. Chipmunk and Owl-Woman
5. Coyote and the Buffalo
6. Why the Flint-Rock Cannot Fight Back
7. How Turtle Got His Tail
8. Why Skunk's Tad. Is Black and White
9. Rattlesnake and Salmon
10. Coyote Meets Wind and Some Others
11. Why Gartersnake Wears a Green Blanket
12. Coyote Quarrels With Mole
13. How Coyote Happened To Make the Black Moss Food
14. Why Spider Has Such Long Legs
15. Why Badger Is So Humble
16. Coyote Juggles His Eyes
17. Why Marten's Face Is Wrinkled
18. Crawfish and Grizzly Bear
19. Coyote and Wood-Tick
20. Why Mosquitoes Bite People
21. The Gods of the Sunlamp the Moon
22. Porcupine Learns the Sun Dance
23. En-am-tues—The Wishing Stone
24. Chickadee Makes a Shoo'-mesh Bow
25. Coyote and Chickadee
26. The Arrow Trail
27. Coyote Imitates Bear and Kingfisher