You can browse the books from Africa, including African-American sources, by using the Author-Title List below (updated April 7 2019) or by browsing the Africa label and the African-American label. And there's a random book that will display here each time the page loads:


Barker-Sinclaire. West African Folktales (1917)
Baskerville. Folklore Stories from Uganda (1900)
Baskerville. Folklore Stories from Uganda (1922)
Basset. Moorish Literature (1901)
Bateman. Zanzibar Tales (1901)
Beech. Suk Language and Folklore (1911)
Bender. African Jungle Tales (1919)
Bleek-Lloyd. Bushman Folklore (1911)
Bleek. Hottentot Fables and Tales (1864)
Bourhill-Drake. Fairy Tales from South Africa (1908)
Burlin. Songs and tales from the dark continent (1920)
Callaway. Tales and Traditions of the Zulus (1868)
Cancel. Storytelling in Northern Zambia (2013)
Chatelain. Folktales of Angola (1894)
Cronise-Ward. West African Folk Tales (1903)
Dayrell. Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria. (1910)
Dayrell. Ikom Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria (1913)
Dennett. Folklore of the Fjort (1898)
Elliot. The Long Grass Whispers (1939)
Ellis. Ewe-Speaking Peoples (1890)
Ellis. Yoruba-Speaking Peoples (1894)
Ellis. West African Prototypes of the "Uncle Remus" Stories (1895)
Finnegan. Oral Literature in Africa. (1970)
Haring. The 'Ibonia' Epic from Madagascar (2013)
Herskovits. Dahomean Narrative (1958)
Hollis. The Masai (1905)
Hollis. The Nandi (1909)
Honey. South African Folktales (1910)
Ingram. Story of a Gold Concession (1893)
Jablow. Intimate Folklore of Africa (1961)
Jacottet. The Treasury of Basuto Lore (1908)
James. African Fairy Tales (1906)
Jephson. Stories Told in an African Forest (1893)
Kidd. The Essential Kafir (1904)
Kidd. Bull of the Kraal (1908)
Koelle. Kanuri Proverbs, Tales, Fables (1854)
African Stories in Andrew Lang's Fairy Books (1913)
Littmann. Tales of the Tigre (Ethiopia) (1915)
Madan. Kiungani — Central Africa (1887)
Martin. Basutoland Legends and Customs (1903)
McPherson. Native Fairy Tales of South Africa (1919)
Metelerkamp. South African Folklore Tales (1914)
Nassau. Fetichism in West Africa (1904)
Nassau. West African Folk Lore Tales (1914)
Nyabongo. African Fairy Tales (1939)
Ogumefu. Yoruba Legends (1929)
Parsons. Folklore from the Cape Verde Islands (1923)
Rattray. Stories and Songs in Chinyanja (1907)
Shaihua. Hausa Folklore (1913)
Rattray. Ashanti Proverbs (1916)
Savory. Zulu Fireside Tales (1961)
Savory. Congo Fireside Tales (1962)
Schlenker. Temne traditions, fables and proverbs (1861)
Schon. Hausa stories and fables (1906)
Smith/Dale. Ila-speaking peoples of Northern Rhodesia (1920)
St. Lys. Folklore from Southwest Africa (1916)
Stafford. Animal Fables (1906)
Stanley. My Dark Companions and Their Strange Stories (1893)
Steere. Swahili Tales (1870)
Stigand. Swahili Tales (1914)
Talbot. In the Shadow of the Bush (1912)
Theal. Xhosa Folk-Lore (1884)
Torrend. Specimens of Bantu Folklore (1921)
Tremearne. Fables from Hausaland (1910)
Tremearne. Hausa Superstitions and Customs (1913)
Bell-Woodward. The Golden Ship and Other Swahili Tales (1900)
Vaughan. Old Hendrik's Tales (1904)
Weeks. Congo Life and Jungle Stories (1921)
Werner. The Mythology of Africa. (1916)
Werner. Myths and Legends of the Bantu (1933)
Westermann. The Shilluk people (1912)
Wyndham. Myths of Ífè (1921)


Allen. Stories for children (1912)
Bacon-Parsons. Folk-lore from Elizabeth City County, Virginia (1922)
Brown. North Carolina Folklore (1964)
Curtis-Burlin. Negro Folk-Songs (1918)
Christensen. Afro-American Folk Lore (1892)
Cocke. Folk Tales of the South (1912)
Cotter. Negro Tales (1912)
Culbertson. Animal Folks (1904)
Dorson. Negro tales (1958)
Fortier. Louisiana Folktales (1895)
Georgia Writer's Project. Drums and Shadows (1940)
Gonzales. Gullah stories of the Carolina coast (1922)
Gonzales. With Aesop (in Gullah) (1924)
Harris. Nights With Uncle Remus. (1883)
Harris. Daddy Jake, The Runaway (1889)
Harris. Rhymes of Uncle Remus (1904)
Harris. Told By Uncle Remus (1905)
Harris. Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit (1907)
Harris. Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings (1908)
Harris. Uncle Remus and the Little Boy (1910)
Harris. Uncle Remus and His Friends (1914)
Harris. Uncle Remus Returns (1918)
Harris. The Witch Wolf (1921)
Jones. Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast (1969)
Odum. Secular Songs of the Southern Negroes (1911)
Owen. Old Rabbit, The Voodoo, and Other Sorcerers (1893)
Parsons. Folklore of the Sea Islands, South Carolina (1923)
Sale. The Tree Named John (1929)
Waters. Afro-American folklore from the Hampton Institute (1983)
Wilkinson. Plantation Stories of Old Louisiana (1914)
Work. Folk Songs of the American Negro (1907)
Young. Plantation Bird Legends (1902)
Young. Behind the Dark Pines (1912)


Anderson-Cundall. Jamaica Negro Proverbs and Sayings (1910)
Beckwith. Jamaica Anansi Stories (1924)
Beckwith. Jamaican Folklore (1928)
Beckwith. Jamaican Proverbs (1925)
Edwards. Bahama Songs and Stories (1895)
Fitz-James. Bahamian Folk Lore (1906)
Hall. Haitian Creole Texts (1953)
Herskovits. Suriname Folk-lore (1936)
Jekyll. Jamaican Song and Story (Anansi Stories) (1907)
Johnson. Folk-Lore from Antigua (1921)
Milne-Home. West Indian Folklore (1890)
Parsons. Folklore of the Antilles (1943)
Parsons. Folktales of Andros Island, Bahamas (1918)
Smith. Annancy Stories. (1899)
Stoddard. Cuban Legends — Folklore of the Antillas (1909)