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Adler-Ramsay. Coffee House: Turkish Tales
Altemus. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Ananikian. Armenian Mythology
Baikie. Wonder Tales of the Ancient World (Egypt)
Bain. Turkish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
Boettiger. Armenian Legends and Festivals
Bowen. The Folklore of Palestine
Brooksbank. Egyptian Gods and Heroes
Brown. The Wisdom of the Egyptians
Carnoy. Iranian Mythology
Clerk. Tales of the Early Khalifahs
Clouston. Bakhtyar-Nama
Clouston. The Book of Sindibad
Dixon. Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
Dixon. More Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
Dulac. Sindbad the Sailor
Eastwick. The Lights of Canopus
Edwards. The Bustan of Sadi
Gandy. Stories from the Shah Nameh
Garnett. Ottoman Wonder Tales
Gibb. The History of the Forty Vezirs
Goulbat. Caucasian Legends
Hanauer. Folklore of the Holy Land
Hanauer. Tales Told in Palestine
Hanley. Caliphs and Sultans
Higgins. Oriental Tales Retold
Housman. Princess Badoura
Housman. Stories from the Arabian Nights
James. Book of Persian Fairy Tales
Kirby. New Arabian Nights
Knatchbull. Kalila and Dimna
Kramer. Sumerian Mythology
Kunos. Turkish Fairy Tales
Lang, Andrew. Arabian Nights
Langdon. Semitic Mythology
Langdon. The Epic of Gilgamish
Lorimer. Persian Tales
Mackenzie. Egyptian Myth and Legend
MacKenzie. Myths of Babylonia and Assyria
Manning. Caliph Haroun Alraschid
Maspero. Popular Stories of Ancient Egypt
Moret. Kings and Gods of Egypt
Muhawi and Kanaana. Palestinian Arab Folktales
Muller. Egyptian Mythology
Murray. Ancient Egyptian Legends
Nakhshabi. Tales of a Parrot
Olcott. Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Olcott. More Tales from the Arabian Nights
Olcott. Tales of the Persian Genii
Payne. The Thousand Nights and One Night
Petrie. Egyptian Tales (first series)
Petrie. Egyptian Tales (second series)
Petrie. The Religion of Ancient Egypt
Powlett. Eastern Legends and Stories
Renninger. Story of Rustem
Rhead. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Ross. Sadi's Gulistan
Schofield. The Story of Isis and Osiris
Spence. Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt
Spence. Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria
Stephen. Fairy Tales of a Parrot
Strang. Sindbad and Ali Baba
Sykes. The Storybook of the Shah
Thompson. The Epic of Gilgamish
Tibbitts. Oriental Fairy Tales
Valentine. Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers
Wallis Budge. Legends of the Gods (Egyptian)
Wardrop. Georgian Folk Tales
Wardrop. The Man in the Panther's Skin
Warner. The Shahnama of Firdausi
Whinfield. Rumi's Masnavi
Wiggin and Smith. The Arabian Nights
Wilmot-Buxton. The Book of Rustem
Wilson. Rumi's Masnavi, Book II
Wilson. Turkish Literature: Fables
Winter. The Arabian Nights Entertainments
Wollaston. Anwar-i-Suhaili, or Lights of Canopus
Zimmern. Heroic Tales Retold from Firdusi