Payne. The Thousand Nights and One Night

Today's free book is Tales From the Arabic Editions of the Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night translated by John Payne in three volumes. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

All three volumes are available at Hathi Trust, but the links below are to the Wollamshram: Thousand Nights and One Night site.


Asleep and Awake
   Story of the Lackpenny and the Cook

The Khalif Omar Ben Abdulaziz and the Poets

El Hejjaj and the Three Young Men

Haroun Er Reshid and the Woman of the Barmecides

The Ten Viziers;
   Of Persistent Ill Fortune
      Story of the Unlucky Merchant
   Of Looking to the Issues of Affairs
      Story of the Merchant and His Sons
   Of the Advantages of Patience
      Story of Abou Sabir
   Of the Ill Effects of Precipitation
      Story of Prince Bihzad
   Of the Issues of Good and Evil Actions
      Story of King Dadbin and His Viziers
   Of Trust in God
      Story of King Bexhtzeman
   Of Clemency
      Story of King Bihkerd
   Of Envy and Malice
      Story of Ilan Shah and Abou Temam
   Of Destiny
      Story of King Abraham and His Son
   Of the Appointed Term
      Story of King Suleiman Shah and His Sons
   Of the Speedy Relief of God
      Story of the Prisoner

Jaafer Ben Yehya and Abdulmelik Ben Salih

Er Reshid and the Barmecides

Ibn Es Semmak and Er Reshid

El Mamoun and Zubeideh

En Numan and the Arab of the Benou Tai

Firouz and His Wife

King Shah Bekht and His Vizier Er Rehwan
   Story of the Man of Khorassan
   Story of the Singer and the Druggist
   Story of the King Who Knew the Quintessence
   Story of the Rich Man and His Fair Daughter
   Story of the Rich Man and His Wasteful Son
   The King's Son Who Fell in Love with the Picture
   Story of the Fuller and His Wife
   Story of the Old Woman
   Story of the Credulous Husband
   Story of the Unjust King and the Tither
      Story of David and Solomon
   Story of the Thief and the Woman
   Story of the Three Men and Our Lord Jesus
      The Disciple's Story
   Story of the Dethroned King
   Story of the Cautious Man
   Story of the Man Who Was Lavish
   Story of the Idiot and the Sharper
   Story of Khelbes and His Wife


   Story of the Pious Woman
   Story of the Journeyman and the Girl
   Story of the Weaver Who Became a Physician
   Story of the Two Sharpers
   Story of the Money-Changer and the Ass
   Story of the Sharper and the Merchants
      Story of the Hawk and the Locust
   Story Of the King and His Chamberlain Wife
   Story of the Old Woman and the Draper's Wife
   Story of the Foul-favoured Man
   Story of the King Who Lost Kingdom
   Story of Selim and Selma
   Story of the King of Hind and His Vizier

El Melik Ez Zahir Rukneddin and the Officers
   The First Officer's Story
   The Second Officer's Story
   The Third Officer's Story
   The Fourth Officer's Story
   The Fifth Officer's Story
   The Sixth Officer's Story
   The Seventh Officer's Story
   The Eighth Officer's Story
      The Thief's Story
   The Ninth Officer's Story
   The Tenth Officer's Story
   The Eleventh Officer's Story
   The Twelfth Officer's Story
   The Thirteenth Officer's Story
   The Fourteenth Officer's Story
      A Merry Jest of a Thief
      Story of the Old Sharper
The Fifteenth Officer's Story
The Sixteenth Officer's Story

Abdallah Ben Nafi and the King's Son
   Story of the Damsel and Haroun Er Reshid

Women's Craft


Noureddin Ali of Damascus and the Damsel

El Abbas and the King's Daughter of Baghdad

The Two Kings and the Vizier's Daughters

The Favourite and Her Lover

The Merchant of Cairo

Story of Sindbad the Sailor and Hindbad the Porter
   The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
   The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor

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