Brooksbank. Egyptian Gods and Heroes

Today's free book is Legends of Ancient Egypt: Stories of Egyptian Gods and Heroes by Frank Henry Brooksbank with illustrations by Evelyn Paul. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

The People of Ancient Egypt
The Beliefs of the Egyptians
The Beginning of All Things
The Life Beyond
The Story of Ra and Isis

The Story of Isis and Osiris:
The Kingdom of Osiris
The Quest of Isis
The Persecution by Typhon
The Work of Horus

Ancient Rulers of Egypt:
The Builders of the Pyramids
The Riddle of the Sphinx
The Guardians of the Desert
The Builders of the Temples
The Lady of the Obelisks
The Journey of Khensu to Bekhten
In the Days of the Famine

The Treasure-Chamber of Rhampsinitus
The Reign of the Twelve Kings
The Shadow of the End
The Glory of the Sunset

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