Basset. Moorish Literature

Today's free book is Moorish Literature, edited and introduced by Rene Basset. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

Moorish Ballads
Fatima's Love
The Braggart Rebuked
The Admiral's Farewell
Moriana and Galvan
The Bereaved Father
The Warden of Molina
The Loves of Boabdil and Vindaraja
The Infanta Sevilla and Peranguelos
Celin's Farewell
Celin’s Return
Baza Revisited
Captive Zara
The Jealous King
The Lovers of Antequera
Tarfe's Truce
The Two Moorish Knights
The King's Decision
Almanzar and Bobalias
The Moorish lnfanta and Alfonzo Ramos
The Bull-Fight of Zulema
The Renegade
The Tower of Gold
The Dirge for Aliatar
The Ship of Zara
Hamete Ali
Zaide's Love
Zaida's Jealousy
Zaida of Toledo
Zaide Rebuked
Zaida's Inconstancy
Zaide's Desolation
Zaida's Lament
Zaida's Curse
The Tournament Of Zaide
Zaide's Complaint
Guhala's Love
Azarco of Granada
Azarco Rebuked
Adelifa’s Farewell
Azarco's Farewell
Celinda’s Courtesy
Gazul’s Despondency
Gazul in Love
Celinda’s Inconstancy
The Bull-Fight
Lovers Reconciled
Call to Arms
Gazul Calumniated
Gazul's Despair
Vengeance of Gazul.
Gazul and Albenzaide
Gazul's Arms
The Tournament
Abunemeya's Lament
The Despondent Lover
Love and Jealousy
The Captive of Toledo
The Blazon of Abenamar
Woman's Fickleness
King Juan
Abenamar's Jealousy
Adelifa's Jealousy
Funeral of Abenamar
Ballad of Albayaldos
The Night Raid of Reduan
Siege of Jaen
Death of Reduan
The Aged Lover
Fickleness Rebuked
The Galley Slave of Dragut
The Captive's Lament
Strike Sail!
The Captive’s Escape
The Spaniard of Oran

Moorish Romances
The Bull-Fight of Gazul
The Zegri's Bride
The Bridal of Andalla
Zara's Earrings
The Lamentation for Celin

The Story of Sidi Brahim of Massat

Berber Stories 
Djokhrane and the Jays.
The Ogre and the Beautiful Woman
The False Vezir
The Soufi and the Targui
Ahmed el Hilalieu and El Redah

Poems of the Maghreb 
Ali’s Answer
In Honor of Lalla
Sayd and Hyzyya
The Aissaoua in Paris
Song of Fatima
The City Girl and the Country Girl

Berber Popular Tales
The Turtle, the Frog, and the Serpent
The Hedgehog, the Jackal, and the Lion
The Stolen Woman
The King, the Arab, and the Monster
The Lion, the Jackal, and the Man
Salomon and the Griffin
Adventure of Sidi Mahomet
The Haunted Garden
The Woman and the Fairy
Hamed ben Ceggad
The Magic Napkin
The Child and the King of the Genii
The Seven Brothers
Strange Meetings
The King and His Family
The Language of the Beasts
The Apple of Youth

Popular Tales of the Kabyles
Ali and Ou Ali
The Infidel Jew
The Sheik's Head
The Wagtail and the Jackal
The Flute-Player
The Child. 257
The Monkey and the Fisherman
The Two Friends
The Robber and the Two Pilgrims
The Little Child
The Wren
The Mule, the Jackal, and the Lion
The Good Man and the Bad One
The Crow and the Child.
H'ab Sliman
The King and His Son
Mahomet ben Soltan

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