Madan. Kiungani — Central Africa

Today's free book is Kiungani, or, Story and History From Central Africa as written by boys in the schools of the Universities' mission to Central Africa, and translated and edited by A. C. Madan. You can read about the Universities' Mission to Central Africa at Wikipedia, which includes information about the Kiungani School in Zanzibar.

Part I contains the personal histories of boys in the schools (most of the boys had been caught by slavers and thus became separated from their families), with stories in Part II. I have listed the titles of those stories below. For the titles of the stories, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

From Lake Victoria Nyanza. 
I. Kawekwa and Teguaki
II. Beasts and Men
III. The Rabbit and the Elephant (1)
IV. The Beasts and the Rabbit
V. The Man and the Sheep
VI. The King and Wabulekoko
VII. A Story of a Thief
VIII. The Leopard and the Rabbit
IX. The Dog and the Ape
X. The Lioness and the Cow
XI. The Lion, the Dove, and the Wild Ass
XII. The Lioness, the Rabbit, and the Dog
XIII. The Rabbit and the Elephant (2)

From the Region of Lake Nyassa. 
XIV. The Three Brothers
XV. The Bird and the King
XVI. Man and Wife
XVII. The Hyaena and the Rabbit
XVIII. The Women and the Stone
XIX. The Elephant and the Rabbit (3)
XX. The Rat and the Mole
XXI. The Elephant and God
XXII. The Impenetrable Island
XXIII. The Cruel Step-mother

From the East Coast. 
XXIV. The Beggar (1)
XXV. The Frog and the Chameleon
XXVI. Kingobe
XXVII. The Princess and the Tortoise
XXVIII. The Fisherman and the Rings
XXIX. The Poor Man and the Sultan
XXX. The Adventures of Sefu
XXXI. The Beggar (2)

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