Bain. Turkish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

Today's free book is Turkish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales by Ignacz Kunos and translated into English by R. Nisbet Bain with illustrations by Celia Levetus.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. For additional stories, see the other English edition of Kunos's Turkish stories: Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales (name of the translator not provided).

The book is available at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

The Stag-Prince
The Three Orange-Perios
The Rose-Beauty
Mad Mehmed
The Golden-Haired Children
The Horse-Devil and the Witch
The Cinder-youth
The Piece of Liver
The Magic Turban, the Magic Whip, and the Magic Carpet  
The Wind-Demon
The Crow-Peri
The Forty Princes and the Seven-Headed Dragon
The World's Most Beauteous Damsel
The Padishah of the Forty Peris
The Serpent-Peri and the Magic Mirror
Stone-Patience and Knife-Patience
The Ghost of the Spring and the Shrew  
The Story of by Half-man-riding-on-the-worse-half-of-a-lame-horse
The Enchanted Hog
Boy-Beautiful, the Golden Apples, and the Werewolf
Youth Without Age, and Life Without Death

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