Clerk. Tales of the Early Khalifahs

Today's free book is I'lamen-nas: Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Time of the Early Khalifahs, translated from the Arabic by Mrs. Godfrey Clerk (Alice Clerk). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Google Books.

I. Anecdote of 'Omar's Justice
II. The young Bedawy who fulfilled his Promise
III. The Profession of el-Islam by the Persian prince Hurmuzan
IV. The Apostacy of Jabalah son of el-Aiham
V. How el-Mughirah the son of Shu'abah became Governor
VI. 'Amr-ibn-Ma'ady-Karib's Story
VII. The faithful Arab and his loving Wife
VIII. How Hasan-ibn-'Aly by his Eloquence discomfited his Adversaries
IX. The Dispute concerning the Superiority of the Kuraish and the Yemenites
X. The Marriage of Queen Balkis with King Solomon son of David
XI. How Saudah the daughter of 'Ammarah obtained redress from Muawiyah
XII. Anecdote of Misun
XIII. "A wonderful Tale of another Period"
XIV. "Another Wonderful Story"
XV. The sad Tale of the Lovers who died of Love
XVI. Another pitiful Tale of Love
XVII. Another sad Love-Story
XVIII. The account of how el-Hajjaj became Governor of 'Irak
XIX. Anecdote of the plain-spoken Arab
XX. The Story of the Young Man who was deemed Mad
XXI. El-Hajjaj and the Arab
XXII. The Story of the Three Educated Young Men
XXIII. How Hind daughter of en-Nu'aman revenged herself upon el-Hajjaj
XXIV. The Martyrdom of Said-ibn-Jubair
XXV. The Reign of el-Walid-ibn-'Abd-el-Malik
XXVI. The Reign of Sulaiman-ibn-'Abd-el-Malik
XXVII. The History of the Slave-girl Zhalfa
XXVIII. The Story of Khuzaimah and Ikrimah
XXIX. How Yunus the Scribe sold his Slave-girl
XXX. The Bedawy who taught the Khalifah Manners
XXXI. How 'Urwah-ibn-Udzinah gained a Livelihood
XXXII. The Beginning of the Abbasside Dynasty
XXXIII. How Abu-Dulamah gained all he wanted
XXXIV. The Concealment and Flight of Ibrahim-ibn-Sulaiman
XXXV. Dispute between the Mudharites and Yemenites
XXXVI. How el-Asmaiy overcame the Avarice of the Khalifah el-Mansur
XXXVII. What happened to el-Mansur while on Pilgrimage to Mekkah
XXXVIII. 'Abd-Allah-ibn-Marwan's Adventure with the King of Nubia
XXXIX. The witty Arab
XL. How Ibn-Harimah was saved from Punishment
XLI. The generous Creditor
XLII. The way in which el-Mahdy was entertained by the Arab
XLIII. "A wonderful Tale"

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