Whinfield. Rumi's Masnavi

Today's free book is Masnavi i Manavi, The Spiritual Couplets of Maulana Jalalu-d'-din Muhammad i Rumi, translated and abridged by E. H. Whinfield. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. The links below are to the Sacred Texts online edition of this book.

The Masnavi Book I
The Prince and the Handmaid.
The Oilman and his Parrot.
The Jewish King, his Vazir, and the Christians.
Another Tyrannical Jewish King.
The Lion and the Beasts.
Omar and the Ambassador.
The Merchant and his Clever Parrot.
The Harper.
The Arab and his Wife.
The Man who was Tattooed.
The Lion who Hunted with the Wolf and the Fox.
Joseph and the Mirror.
The Prophet's Scribe.
The Chinese and the Greek Artists.
Counsels of Reserve given by the Prophet to his Freedman Zaid.
'Ali's Forbearance.

The Masnavi Book II
The Sufi's Beast
The Pauper and the Prisoners.
The King and his Two Slaves.
The Falcon and the Owls.
The Thirsty Man who threw Bricks into the Water.
Luqman's Master examines him and discovers his Acuteness.
Moses and the Shepherd.
The Man who made a Pet of a Bear.
The Gardener and the Three Friends.
Bayazid and the Saint.
Mo'avia and Iblis.
The Four Hindustanis who censured one another.
The Old Man and the Physician.
The Arab Carrier and the Scholar.
The Man who boasted that God did not punish him for his sins, and Jethro's answer to him.
The Gluttonous Sufi.
The Tree of Life.
The Young Ducks who were brought up under a Hen.

The Masnavi Book III
The Travelers who ate the Young Elephant.
The Villager who invited the Townsman to visit him.
The Jackal who pretended to be a Peacock.
Moses and Pharaoh.
The Elephant in a Dark Room.
The Lover who read Sonnets to his Mistress.
The Man who prayed earnestly to be fed without work.
The Boys and their Teacher.
The Darvesh who Broke his Vow.
The Old Man who made no Lamentation at the Death of his Sons.
Bahlol and the Darvesh.
The Visions seen by the Saint Daquqi.
The People of Saba.
Miracles performed by the Prophet Muhammad.
The Man who asked Moses to teach him the language of animals.
The Woman who lost all her infants.
The Vakil of the Prince of Bokhara.
The Deadly Mosque.

The Masnavi Book IV
The Lover and his Mistress.
The Building of the "Most Remote Temple" at Jerusalem.
The Youth who wrote a letter of complaint about his rations to the King.
Bayazid and his impious sayings when beside himself.
The Three Fishes.
Moses and Pharaoh.
The Courtier who quarreled with his Friend for saving his Life.
The Prince who, after having been beguiled by a Courtesan, returned to his True Love.
The Mule and the Camel.

The Masnavi Book V
The Prophet and his Infidel Guest.
The Arab and his Dog.
The Sage and the Peacock.
Muhammad Khwarazm Shah and the Rafizis of Sabzawar.
The Man who claimed to be a Prophet.
The Disciple who blindly imitated his Shaikh.
How Adam was created out of a handful of earth brought by an Angel.
Mahmud and Ayaz.
The sincere repentance of Nasuh.
The Lion, the Fox, and the Ass.
The Mosalman who tried to convert a Magian.
The Devotee who broke the noble's wine-jar.

The Masnavi Book VI
The Hindu Slave who loved his Master's Daughter.
The Fowler and the Bird.
The Drunken Turkish Amir and the Minstrel.
The Purchase of Bilal.
The Sufi and the Qazi.
The Faqir and the Hidden Treasure.
The Three Travelers.
The Man who received a Pension from the Prefect of Tabriz.
The King and his Three Sons.

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