Stephen. Fairy Tales of a Parrot

Today's free book is Fairy Tales of a Parrot by A. Condie Stephen with illustrations by Tristam Ellis. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available from Hathi Trust.

CHAPTER I. — Birth of Princess Feerooze — Devotion of the Sultan — Meemoon is banished — Arrival of the Parrot — The Emperor of Koroo asks for the hand of Feerooze — Anger of the Sultan — He departs for the War, and confides Feerooze to the care of the Parrot — Villainy of the Grand Vizier — Narrow escape of Feerooze — The Story of the Lion who was driven out of his den by a Lynx.

CHAPTER II. — Further schemes for the assassination of Feerooze thwarted by the Parrot — Story of the Emperor of China falling in love in a Dream.

CHAPTER III. — The Parrot asks Feerooze a riddle — Stories of the Prince and Brahmin who exchanged heads, and the Merchant’s Daughter carried off by a wicked Fairy.

CHAPTER IV. — Narinje tries to snub the Parrot — The Story of the Donkey who thought he had a beautiful voice.

CHAPTER V. — Further devices of the Parrot to save Feerooze — Story of the Nosegay that always remained fresh.

CHAPTER VI. — The Thunderstorm — Stories of the Cat who was appointed Chief Constable, and the Four Travellers who fell in love with a wooden woman.

CHAPTER VII. — The Parrot outwits the Grand Vizier — Stories of the Frog, the Bee, and the Bird who killed an Elephant, and the Magic Ball.

CHAPTER VIII. — The Grand Vizier consults Narinje — Annoyance of the Parrot —  Story of the wealthy merchants who became poor — Happy thought of the Parrot — Arrest: of the Grand Vizier, and Story of the barber who tried to turn his guests into gold.

CHAPTER IX. — Defeat of the Emperor of Koroo — Bravery of Prince Meemoon —  Return of the Sultan — Marriage of Meemoon and Feerooze — Honours conferred on the Parrot.

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