Wardrop. The Man in the Panther's Skin

Today's free book is The Man in the Panther's Skin by Shot'ha Rust'haveli translated by Marjory Scott Wardrop. You can read more about the 12th-century Georgian poet, Rustaveli, at Wikipedia, and you can also read about this poem: The Knight in the Panther's Skin.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book is available at Sacred Texts and Hathi Trust.

Introductory Quatrains
I. Story of Rostevan, King of the Arabians
II. How The King of the Arabians Saw the Knight Clad in the Panther's Skin
III. Avt’handil's Letter to His Vassals
IV. Avt’handil Sets Forth in Quest of Tariel
V. The Telling of His Tale by Tariel When He First Told It to Avt’handil
VI. Tariel Tells the Tale of His Falling in Love When He First Fell in Love
VII. First Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Lover
VIII. First Letter Written by Tariel to His Beloved
IX. Tariel Writes a Letter and Sends a Man to the Khatavians
X. The Letter Written by the King of the Khatavians in Answer to Tariel
XI. Letter of Tariel to the King of the Indians When He Triumphed Over the Khatavians
XII. Letter of Nestan-Daredjan Written to Her Beloved
VIII. Tariel's Letter in Answer to His Beloved
XIV. Tariel Hears Tidings of the Loss of Nestan-Daredjan
XV. The Story of Nuradin P’hridon When Tariel Met Him on the Seashore
XVI. Tariel's Aid to P’hridon, and Their Victory Over Their Foes
XVII. P’hridon Tells Tariel Tidings of Nestan-Daredjan
XVIII. The Story of Avt’handil's Return to Arabia After He Had Found and Parted From Tariel
XIX. Avt’handil's Request to King Rostevan, and the Vizier's Discourse and Entreaty
XX. Avt’handil's Discourse With Shermadin When He Stole Away
XXI. The Testament of Avt’handil to King Rostevan When He Stole Away
XXII. Avt’handil's Prayer in the Mosque, and His Flight
XXIII. King Rostevan Hears of Avt’handil's Secret Flight
XXIV. Avt’handil's Second Departure and Meeting with Tariel
XXV. Here is the Going of Tariel and Avt’handil to the Cave, and Their Seeing of Asmat’h
XXVI. Of the Going of Avt’handil to P’hridon's When He Met Him at Mulghazanzar
XXVII. Of Avt’handil's Going to P’hridon's When He Parted From Tariel
XXVIII. Avt’handil's Departure From P’hridon to Seek Nestan-Daredjan
XXIX. The Story of Avt’handil's Arrival in Gulansharo
XXX. Avt’handil's Arrival at P’hatman's; Her Reception of Him and Her Joy
XXXI. P’hatman Becomes Enamoured of Avt’handil; Writes Him a Letter and Sends it
XXXII. The Letter of Love Written by P’hatman to Avt’handil
XXXIII. Avt’handil's Letter in Answer to P’hatman's
XXXIV. Here is the Slaying of the Chachnagir and His Two Guards by Avt’handil
XXXV. P’hatman Tells Avt’handil the Story of Nestan-Daredjan
XXXVI. The Story of the Capture of Nestan-Daredjan by the Kadjis, Told by P’hatman to Avt’handil
XXXVII. Letter Written by P’hatman to Nestan-Daredjan
XXXVIII. The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to P’hatman
XXXIX. The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Beloved
XL. Avt’handil's Letter to P’hridon
XLI. Avt’handil's Departure From Gulansharo, and His Meeting with Tariel
XLII. Tariel and Avt’handil Go to P’hridon
XLIII. The Council of P’hridon, Avt’handil and Tariel as to the Assault on the Castle of Kadjet’hi
XLIV. The Going of Tariel to the King of the Seas and to P’hridon's
XLV. The Wedding of Tariel and Nestan by P’hridon
XLVI. Tariel Goes Again to the Cave and Sees the Treasure
XLVII. Here is the Marriage of Avt’handil and T’hinat’hin by the King of the Arabs

Synopsis of The Knight in the Panther's Skin, by John B. Hare

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