Knatchbull. Kalila and Dimna

Today's free book is Kalila and Dimna, or, The Fables of Bidpaitranslated from the Arabic by Wyndham Knatchbull. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Chapter I Preface of Ali the son of Alschah Faresi

Chapter II The mission of Barzouyeh to India in search of the Book called Kalila and Dimna

Chapter III The subject matter of the Book of Kalila and Dimna from the pen of Almokaffa

Chapter IV The History of Barzouyeh the Physician composed by Buzurdjmihr the son of Bakhtegan

Chapter V The Lion and the Bull or the emblem of two friends whom a liar contrives to disunite

Chapter VI Investigation of the conduct together with the defense of Dimna

Chapter VII The Ring dove or the emblem of sincere friends

Chapter VIII The Owls and the Crows or the danger of being deceived by an enemy

Chapter IX The Monkey and the Tortoise or the emblem of a person who having obtained what he wanted loses it again

Chapter X The Monk and the Weasel or the danger of haste in an affair with which we are but imperfectly acquainted

Chapter XI The Rat and the Cat or the emblem of a person who has a great many enemies

Chapter XII The King and the Bird or the emblem of revengeful persons who are unworthy of trust

Chapter XIII The Lion and the Jackal or the emblem of a man who wishes to be reconciled with one whom he has ill treated

Chapter XIV The History of Iladh, Beladh Irakht and the wise Kibarioun

Chapter XV The Lioness and the Horseman or the emblem of a man who abstains from injuring another on account of the evil consequences to himself

Chapter XVI The Monk and his Guest or the emblem of a man who forsakes one condition of life in order to embrace another

Chapter XVII The Traveller and the Goldsmith or the emblem of a man who bestows his favours on an unworthy object

Chapter XVIII The King's Son and his Companions or the emblem of fate and of the inevitable consequences of the divine decrees

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