Muhawi and Kanaana. Palestinian Arab Folktales

One of the 700 free ebooks online from the University of California Press is this wonderful collection of Palestinian folktales:

Speak Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales,
edited by Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana

This book is free to read online: free online edition! You can also buy a copy at Amazon; there are used copies around $7, including shipping. See the table of contents below for the story titles.

1. Tunjur, Tunjur
2. The Woman Who Married Her Son
3. Precious One and Worn-out One
4. Šweš, Šweš!
5. The Golden Pail
6. Half-a-Halfling
7. The Orphans' Cow
8. Sumac! You Son of a Whore, Sumac!
9. The Green Bird
10. Little Nightingale the Crier
11. The Little Bird
12. Jummez Bin Yazur, Chief of the Birds
13. Jbene
14. Sackcloth
15. Šahin
16. The Brave Lad
17. Gazelle
18. Lolabe
19. The Old Woman Ghouleh
20. Lady Tatar
21. Šoqak Boqak!
22. Clever Hasan
23. The Cricket
24. The Seven Leavenings
25. The Golden Rod in the Valley of Vermilion
26. Minjal
27. Im`Eše
28. Chick Eggs
29. The Ghouleh of Trans-Jordan
30. Bear-Cub of the Kitchen
31 The Woman Whose Hands Were Cut Off
32. N`ayyis (Little Sleepy One)
33. Im `Awwad and the Ghouleh
34 The Merchant's Daughter
35. Pomegranate Seeds
36. The Woodcutter
37. The Fisherman
38. The Little She-Goat T
39. The Old Woman and Her Cat
40. Dunglet
41. The Louse
42. The Woman Who Fell into the Well
43. The Rich Man and the Poor Man
44. Ma`ruf the Shoemaker
45. Im `Ali and Abu `Ali

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