You can browse the books from the Pacific region by using the Author-Title List below (updated April 7 2019) or by browsing the Pacific label. There's also a random book that displays below each time the page loads:

Allen. Legends of old Hawaii (1944)
Bayliss. Philippine Folktales. (1913)
Beckwith. Hawaiian Mythology (1940)
Beckwith. Hawaiian Creation Chant (1951)
Beckwith. Hawaiian Romance of Laieeikawai (1917)
Clark. Maori Tales and Legends (1896)
Codrington. The Melanesians (1891)
Cole. Traditions of the Tinguian (1915)
Cole. Philippine Folk Tales (1916)
Colum. At the Gateways of the Day (1924)
Colum. The Bright Islands (Hawaii) (1925)
Day. The Princess of Manoa (1906)
Dittmer. Legends and Traditions of the Maoris (1907)
Dixon. Oceanic Mythology (1916)
Emerson. Pele and Hiiaka (1915)
Fansler. Filipino Popular Tales (1921)
Fison. Tales from Old Fiji (1904)
Fornander-Thrum. Hawaiian antiquities and folk-lore IV (1916)
Fornander-Thrum. Hawaiian antiquities and folk-lore V (1919)
Gardner. Mindoro folk tales (Philippines) (1908)
Gifford. Tongan myths and tales (1924)
Gill. Myths and songs from the South Pacific (1876)
Gowen. Hawaiian idylls of love and death (1908)
Grace. Folktales of the Maori (1907)
Grey. Legends of Micronesia (1951)
Grey. Polynesian Mythology (1854)
Hapai. Legends of the Wailuku (1920)
Howes. Maoriland Fairy Tales (1913)
James. Magic Jaw Bone (1906)
Kalakaua. The Legends and Myths of Hawaii (1888)
Luomala. Polynesian myths and chants (1955)
Miller. Philippine Folklore Stories (1904)
Parker. Australian Legendary Tales (1897)
Parker. More Australian Legendary Tales (1898)
Peck. Australian Legends (1925)
Rice. Hawaiian legends (1923)
Skeat. Malay Magic (1900)
Skeat. Fables and Folktales from an Eastern Forest (1901)
Starr. Filipino riddles (1909)
Thomas. Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines (1923)
Thorpe. In the path of the trade winds (1924)
Thrum. Hawaiian Folk Tales (1907)
Thrum. More Hawaiian folk tales (1923)
Westervelt. Legends of Ma-ui (1910)
Westervelt. Legends Of Old Honolulu (1915)
Westervelt. Legends of Gods and Ghosts (1916)
Westervelt. Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes (1916)
Westervelt. Hawaiian Historical Legends (1923)
White. Maori Mythology and Traditions (1891)