Thrum. Hawaiian Folk Tales

Today's free book is Hawaiian Folk Tales by T. G. Thrum. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

This book is available at GutenbergInternet ArchiveSacred Texts, and Hathi Trust. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

I. Legends Resembling Old Testament History.
II. Exploits of Maui.
I. Snaring the Sun
II. The Origin of Fire
III. Pele and the Deluge.
IV. Pele and Kahawali.
V. Hiku and Kawelu.
Location of the Lua o Milu
VI. Lonopuha; or, Origin of the Art of Healing in Hawaii.
VII. A Visit to the Spirit Land; or, The Strange Experience of a Woman in Kona, Hawaii.
VIII. Kapeepeekauila; or, The Rocks of Kana.
IX. Kalelealuaka.
X. Stories of the Menehunes: Hawaii the Original Home of the Brownies.
Moke Manu’s Account
Pi’s Watercourse
Laka’s Adventure
Kekupua’s Canoe
As Heiau Builders
XI. Kahalaopuna, Princess of Manoa.
XII. The Punahou Spring.
XIII. Oahunui.
XIV. Ahuula: A Legend of Kanikaniaula and the First Feather Cloak.
XV. Kaala and Kaaialii: A Legend of Lanai.
XVI. The Tomb of Puupehe: A Legend of Lanai.
XVII. Ai Kanaka: A Legend of Molokai.
XVIII. Kaliuwaa. Scene of the Demigod Kamapuaa’s Escape from Olopana.
XIX. Battle of the Owls.
XX. This Land is the Sea’s. Traditional Account of an Ancient Hawaiian Prophecy.
XXI. Ku-ula, the Fish God of Hawaii.
XXII. Aiai, Son of Ku-ula. Part II of the Legend of Ku-ula, the Fish God of Hawaii.
XXIII. Kaneaukai: A Legend of Waialua.
XXIV. The Shark-man, Nanaue.
XXV. Fish Stories and Superstitions.

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