Westervelt. Legends of Ma-ui

Today's free book is Legends of Ma-ui, a Demi-God of Polynesia by W. D. Westervelt. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project GutenbergInternet ArchiveSacred TextsHathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle too!

Table of Contents

I. Maui's Home
II. Maui the Fisherman
III. Maui Lifting the Sky
IV. Maui Snaring the Sun
V. Maui Finding Fire
VI. Maui the Skillful
VII. Maui and Tuna
VIII. Maui and His Brother-in-Law
IX. Maui's Kite-Flying
X. Oahu Legends of Maui
XI. Maui Seeking Immortality
XII. Hina of Hilo
XIII. Hina and the Wailuku River
XIV. The Ghosts of the Hilo Hills
XV. Hina, the Woman in the Moon

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