David Kalākaua. The Legends and Myths of Hawaii

Today's free book is The Legends and Myths of Hawaii by His Hawaiian Majesty Kalakaua, edited by R.M. Daggett. King David Kalākaua (1836-1891) was the last king of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image, and the book is available Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

You can see the king here on this currency from the Hawaiian Islands, circa 1875:

Hina, the Helen of Hawaii.
The Royal Hunchback.
The Triple Marriage of Laa-mai-kahiki.
The Apotheosis of Pele.
Hua, King of Hana.
The Iron Knife.
The Sacred Spear-Point.
Kelea, the Surf-Rider of Maui.
Umi, the Peasant Prince of Hawaii.
Lono and Kaikilani.
The Adventures of Iwikauikaua.
The Prophecies of Keaulumoku.
The Cannibals of Halemanu.
Kaiana, the Last of the Hawaiian Knights.
Kaala, the Flower of Lanai.
The Destruction of the Temples.
The Tomb of Puupehe.
The Story of Laieikawai.
Lohiau, the Lover of a Goddess.
Kahavari, Chief of Puna.
Kahalaopuna, the Princess of Manoa.

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