Bayliss. Philippine Folktales.

Today's free book is Philippine Folktales by Clara Kern Bayliss. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is also available at Project Gutenberg. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

Philippine Folk-Tales.
 The Monkey and the Turtle.
 How the Farmer Deceived the Demon.
 Benito, the Faithful Servant.

Visayan Folk-Tales.
 How Jackyo Became Rich.
 Truth and Falsehood.
 Camanla and Parotpot.
 Juan, the Student.
 The Two Wives and the Witch.
 The Living Head.
 Juan Pusong.
 The Enchanted Ring.
 The Enchanted Shell.
 The Three Brothers.
 The Datto Somacuel.
 Why Dogs Wag Their Tails.
 The Eagle and the Hen.
 The Spider and the Fly.
 The Battle of the Crabs.
 The Meeting of the Plants.
 Who Brings the Cholera?
 Masoy and the Ape.
 Arnomongo and Iput-Iput.
 The Snail and the Deer.
 Story of Ca Matsin and Ca Boo-Ug.

Tagalog Folk-Tales.
 Juan Gathers Guavas.
 Juan Makes Gulay of his own Child.
 Juan Wins a Wager for the Governor.
 Juan Hides the Salt.
 The Man in the Shroud.
 The Adventures of Juan.
 The Aderna Bird.
 The Story of Juan and the Monkey.
 Juan the Drunkard who Visited Heaven.
 The Juan who Visited Heaven.
 The Sad Story of Juan and Maria.
 The Fifty-one Thieves.
 The Covetous King and the Three Children.
 The Silent Lover.
 The Priest, the Servant Boy, and the Child Jesus.
 The Story of Juan del Mundo de Austria and the Princess Maria.
 The Artificial Earthquake.
 The Queen and the Aeta Woman.
 The Child Saint.
 Tagalog Babes in the Woods.
 The King, the Princess, and the Poor Boy.
 Hidden Treasure.
 The Battle of the Enchanters.

A Filipino (Tagalog) Version of Aladdin.

Some Games of Filipino Children.

Bagobo Myths
  Myths Associated with Natural Phenomena
    In the Days of the Mona
    Why the Sky Went Up
    Why the Sky Went Up
    The Sun and the Moon
    Origin of the Stars
    The Fate of the Moon's Baby
    The Black Men at the Door of the Sun
    Story of the Eclipse

  The "Ulit:" Adventures of Mythical Bagobo at the Dawn of Tradition
    Lumabat and Mebu'yan
    Story of Lumabat and Wari
    How Man Turned into a Monkey
    The Tuglibung and the Tuglay
    Adventures of the Tuglay
    The Tuglay and the Bia
    The Malaki's Sister and the Basolo
    The Mona

  Folk-Lore of the Buso
    How to See the Buso
    Buso and the Woman
    The Buso's Basket
    The Buso-Child
    The Buso-Monkey
    How the Moon Tricks the Buso
    The Buso and the Cat
    How a Dog Scared the Buso
    Story of Duling and the Tagamaling
    The S'iring
    How Iro Met the S'iring

  Animal Stories: Metamorphosis, Explanatory Tales, Etc.
    The Kingfisher and the Malaki
    The Woman and the Squirrel
    The Cat
    Why the Bagobo Likes the Cat
    How the Lizards got their Markings
    The Monkey and the Tortoise
    The Crow and the Golden Trees

  An Ata Story

    Alelu'k and Alebu'tud

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