Maspero. Popular Stories of Ancient Egypt

Today's free book is Popular Stories of Ancient Egypt by G. Maspero. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Story of the Two Brothers

King Khufui and the Magicians

The Lamentations of the Fellah

The Memoirs of Sinuhit

The Shipwrecked Sailor

How Thutiyi Took the City of Joppa

The Cycle of Satni-Khamois:
The Adventure of Satni-Khamois with the Mummies
The Veritable History of Satni-Khamois and His Son Senosiris
How Satni-Khamois Triumphed over the Assyrians

The Cycle of Ramses II:
The Daughter of the Prince of Bakhtan and the Possessing Spirit
The Exploits of Sesostris
The Exploits of Osimandyas

The Doomed Prince

The Story of Rhampsnitus

The Voyage of Unamunu to the Coasts of Syria

The Cycle of Petubastis:
The High Emprise for the Cuirass
The High Emprise for the Throne of Amon

A Fantastic Story
The Quarrel of Apopi and Saqunriya
Ghost Story
Story of a Mariner
The Adventure of the Sculptor Petesis and King Nectonabo
Fragments of the Theban-Coptic version of the Romance of Alexander

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