Chatelain. Folktales of Angola

Today's free book is Folktales of Angola by Heli Chatelain. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. You can read about the country of Angola in southern African at Wikipedia.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

I. Ngana Fenda Maria
II. Fenda Maria and her Elder Brother Nga Nzua
III. Na Nzua Dia Kimanueze
IV. The Woman who Longed for Fish
V. Sudika-Mbambi
VI. Ngana Samba and the Ma-kishi
VII. The Girls and the Ma-kishi
VIII. The Children of the Widow
IX. The Kianda and the Young Woman
X. The Four Uouas
XI. Mr. Carry-me-not and Mr. Tell-me-not
XII. Mutelembe and Ngunga
XIII. The Son of Kimanaueze and the Daughter of Sun and Moon
XIV. A Bride and her Brothers-in Law
XV. The Lions and Kimona-ngombe
XVI. The Blacksmith and the Blackbirds
XVII. Man and Turtle
XVIII. Nianga Dia Ngenga and Leopard
XIX. The Child of Hunter and the Child of Deer
XX. Diniana dia Ngombe and Deer
XXI. Leopard, Antelope and Monkey
XXII. Leopard, Monkey, and Hare
XXIII. Leopard and the Other Animals
XXIV. The Young Leopard and the Young Goat
XXV. Hare and Leopard
XXVI. The Lawsuit of Leopard and Antelope
XXVII. Lion and Wolf
XXVIII. Elephant and Frog
XXIX. Fox and Mole
XXX. Cock and Fox
XXXI. Jackal and Hare
XXXII. Squirrel and the Kingship
XXXIII. Dog and the Kingship
XXXIV. Dog and Lizard
XXXV. Dog and Jackal
XXXVI. The House-Hog and the Wild Boar
XXXVII. Partridge and Turtle
XXXVIII. Frog and his Two Wives
XXXIX. Nianga dia Ngenga and his Dogs
XL. King Kitamba Kia Xiba
XLI. The Young Man and the River 229
XLII. Kingungu a Njila and Ngundu a Ndala
XLIII. Two Men, One Woman
XLIV. A Father-in-Law and his Son-in-Law
XLV. The Young Man and the Skull
XLVI. The White Man and the Negro
XLVII. The Lion is Strong; So is Friendship Strong
XLVI II. The Builder of Ability and the Builder of Haste
XLIX. The Past and the Future
L. Ngunza Kilundu kia Ngunza

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