St. Lys. Folklore from Southwest Africa

Today's free book is From a Vanished German Colony: Folklore, Folktales and Proverbs from Southwest Africa by Odette St. Lys. These stories date back to German colonization of South Africa, prior to the British colonization; you can read more about the German colonialism in Africa at Wikipedia, and there is also a specific article about German South-West Africa, in what is now Namibia.

The first part of this book is about folkways and customs; the second part contains folktales as listed below.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

The Story of Long Snake
The Lion and the Ostrich
A Nursery Tale
Story of Little Red Stomach
Story of Five Heads
The Story of a Dam
The Romance of Unyengebule
News from Zululand
The Story of Ngangezwe and Mnyamana
The Bewitched King
Two Stories told by an Mkipeta Girl.
Masilo and Masilonyane
The Story of Umshalishall and Umlomo'sibucu
Much Searching Disturbs Things That Were Lying Still
The Distribution of Animals, &c.. After the Creation
The Ox Which Returned to Life
The Story of Umkuywana
How the Children of Bafurutsi Separated from their Fathers
Tradition of the Bayeye
Bushman Folk Lore
The Song of the Wind
The Wind
The Lost Sons of God
Rafotsibe and Ikotofetsy and Imahaka
The Manner in which Ikotofetsy and Imahaka came by their Death
A True Story
The Lion and the Jackal: A Hottentot Story
The Fleeing Girls and the Rock

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