Finnegan. Oral Literature in Africa.

Today's free book is Oral Literature in Africa by Ruth Finnegan. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

There is a free Kindle version from Amazon, and you can find copies of this book at the Internet Archive.

This book is made available thanks to the UnGlue.It organization which raises money to buy the copyright to books and then to make them free, open publications. Unlike public domain books published before 1923, this book was first published by Oxford University Press in 1970, and now, thanks to the UnGlue.It contributors who raised $7500 to buy the copyright, the book is free to all.

Table of Contents

- poetry and patronage
- panegyric
- elegiac poetry
- religious poetry
- special purpose poetry
- lyric
- topical and political songs
- children's songs
- prose narratives
- proverbs
- riddles
Special Forms
- drum language
- drama

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