Torrend. Specimens of Bantu Folklore

Today's free book is Specimens of Bantu Folklore by J. Torrend. There are Bantu-speaking peoples throughout central and southern Africa, and the stories in this book come from what was then northern Rhodesia, now Zambia; you can read more about Zambia at Wikipedia.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

First Part —Tales of the Bene-Mukuni
I. How Can I Silence Katubi?
II. Father, Wait for Me
III. As I am Be-thankful, I Go Back
IV. Let the Big Drum Roll
V. Njerenjere
VI. Alas! Father, at the Temple
VII. What do You Mean, Block of Wood?
VIII. I am Calling you Loud
IX. Open, Open, Little Bird
X. Little Bead! Little Bead!
XI. How I Shall Be Admired!
XII. I am Tembwe
XIII. First Let Me Hand Over
XIV. Little Old Woman There!
XV. To be Marked!
XVI. Mother, Come Back
XVII. Branch Off, Blaze of Fire
XVIII. KAPEPE, the Little Feather
Drums, You Have Hurt Me
At My Father's Abode
Pretty Little Bird, a Feather!
Is This the Road?
Shall We Go into this Hut? ...
Shall We Sit on this Mat?
Is This Our Wife?
Peel Off Some Fibre
This is the Child of the Rain-Lord
Hold for Me My Son-in-Law
Bring Me My Cat-Skin
Mother of Loads!
Let Us Sit Down
I Go, I Go, My Little Brother

Second Part — Tales in Rhodesian Tonga
Drum, You Have Hurt Me
I Don't Want To
How Thick the Bush is Today!
I Shall Reveal Thee
My Berries!
The Little Iron House
Dance Like That!
Give Me a Little Tobacco

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