Bleek. Hottentot Fables and Tales

Today's free book is Reynard the Fox in South Africa: Or, Hottentot Fables and Tales Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel Bleek. The Khoikhoi (Hottentot) are a pastoral people of southwest Africa; you can read more at Wikipedia.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

I. Jackal Fables.
1. The Lion's Defeat
2. The Hunt of the Lion and Jackal
3. The Lion's Share
4. The Jackal's Bride
5-6. The White Man and the Snake
7. Cloud-Eating
8. Fish-Stealing
9. Which was the Thief?
10. The Lion's Illness
11. The Dove and the Heron
12. The Cock
13. The Leopard and the Ram
II. Tortoise Fables.
14. The Elephant and the Tortoise
15. The Giraffe and the Tortoise
16. The Tortoises Hunting the Ostriches
III. Baboon Fables.
17. The Judgment of the Baboon
18. The Lion and the Baboon
19. The Zebra Stallion
20. The Lost Child (a Tale)
21. The Baboon Shepherd (a Tale)
IV. Lion Fables
22. The Flying Lion
23. The Lion who thought himself Wiser than his Mother
24. The Lion who took a Woman's Shape
25. A Woman transformed into a Lion
26. The Lion and the Bushman (a Tale)
V. Various Fables.
27. How a Nama Woman outwitted the Elephants
28. A Bad Sister
VI. Sun and Moon Fables
29. Why has the Jackal a long black Stripe on his Back?
30. The Horse cursed by the Sun
31-35. The Origin of Death
VII. Heitsi Eibip and Other Legends.
36. Heitsi Eibip
37-38. The Victory of Heitsi Eibip
39. The Raisin-Eater
40. Origin of the Difference in Modes of Life between Hottentots and Bushmen
VIII. Household Tales.
41. The Little Wise Woman
42. The Unreasonable Child

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