Bender. African Jungle Tales

Today's free book is African Jungle Tales by C. J. Bender. You can read more about the very popular "Little Blue Book" series at Wikipedia. The author, Carl Jacob Bender worked as a Baptist missionary Cameroon, working with the Bakweri (Wakweli) people. See Wikipedia for more information about the Bakweri people and about Cameroon.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Hathi Trust.

The Punishment of the Turtle
Why the Weaver-Bird and the Woodpecker
Are Enemies
One Ought Not to Despise the Little Things
The Leopard and the Goat
The Horns of the Buffalo
How the Antelope's Wife Came to Her Death
The Curse of Selfishness
The Singing Skeleton
The Woman and the Parrot
How the Sparrow and the Hen Became Friends
Sad Fate of Three Little Flies
How Mafani Earned His Bride
Punished Indifference
The Ant and the Cricket
How the Elephant Made a Fool of Himself
No One Can Live on Beauty Alone
Why Chameleons and Snakes Are Hated by Men
Prudence and Indolence
The Fox and the Hen
A Test of Friendship
How the Turtle Outwitted the Pip
The Man Who Wanted to Fool Death
The Parrot and the Owl
How the Hen and the Duck Became Friends
All for the Skin of a Lion
How the Monkey Saved the Antelope from Death
The Leopard and the Python
The Race Between the Turtle and the Antelope
The Leopard and the Crane

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