Edwards. Bahama Songs and Stories

Today's free book is Bahama Songs and Stories by Charles L. Edwards. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book includes musical transcriptions for the songs in addition to the lyrics.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.


I. I Looked O'er Yander
II. Lord, I Wish I Could Pray
III. Hail! King of the Jews
IV. Didn't It Rain, My Elder.
V. Git on Board
VI. Who Built De Ark?
VII. Beautiful Sta'h
VIII. Go Down, Moses
IX. Dear Sister, Yi Feet Strike Zion
X. Love Bro't De Savye' Down
XI. When De Moon Went Down
XII. Jesus Heal' the Sick
XIII. O! Look-a Death
XIV. I Tho't I Saw My Brothe'
XV. Everybody Wants to Know
XVI. Ev'ry Day Be Sunday
XVII. Good News in the Kingdom
XVIII. Dig My Grave Long and Narrow
XIX. I Wish I Could Pray
XX. Don't You Feel the Fire A-burnin'
XXI. Opon De Rock
XXII. Turn Back an' Pray
XXIII. Come Out the Wilderness
XXIV. Um Died Once to Die No Mo'
XXV. The-r Heaven Bells Are Ringin'
XXVI. Jesus Bin Hyere
XXVII. Do You Live by Prayer?
XXVIII. I Can't Stay in Egypt Lan'
XXIX. Nothin' but the Righteous
XXX. Death Was a Little T'ing
XXXI. My Jesus Led Me to the Rock
XXXII. Com' 'Long, Brother
XXXIII. Never a Man Speak Like This Man
XXXIV. Goin' to Ride on De Cross
XXXV. Don't You Weep After Me
XXXVI. Oh ! We All Got Religion
XXXVII. I Wan' to Go to 'evun
XXXVIII. I Long to See That Day
XXXIX. Lawd, Remember Me
Xl. We 'll Git Home by and by


I. B' Rabby in De Corn-field
II. B' Helephant and B' Vw'ale
III. B' Rabby, B' Spider, an' B' Bouki
IV. B' Man, B' Rat, an' B' Tiger-cat
V. B' Bouki an' B' Rabby
VI. B' Baracouti an' B' Man
VII. B' Loggerhead and B' Conch
VIII. B' Crane-crow, B' Parrot, and B' Snake
IX. B' Cricket and B' Helephant
X. B' Crane-crow an' B' Man
XI. De Big Worrum
XII. B' Rabby an' B' Tar-Baby
XIII. B' Big-head, B' Big-gut, an' B' Tin-Leg
XIV. B' Rabby Had a Mother
XV. B' Man, B' Woman, an' B' Monkeys
XVI. B' Rabby, B' Bouki, an' B' Crow
XVII. De Man an' De Dog
XVIII. B' Loggerhead, B' Dog, an' B' Rabby
XIX. B' Devil an' B' Goat
XX. B' Hellibaby an' B' Dawndejane
XXI. 'Bout a Bird
XXII. A Young Lad an' 'is Mother
XXIII. B' Parakeet an' B' Frog
XXIV. 'Bout B' Dog, B' Cat, B' Rabbit, an' B' Goat
XXV. The Lady an' 'er Two Dawtahs an' 'er Husband
XXVI. A Young Lady an' 'er Son
XXVII. B' Goat, B' Bouki, an' B' Rabbit
XXVIII. The Woman an' 'eh Husban'
XXIX. B' Big-Head an' B' Little-Head
XXX. A Boy an' Sheep
XXXI. De Girl an' De Fish
XXXII. Three Boys an' One Woman
XXXIII. A Lady an' 'er Two Dawtahs
XXXIV. B' Jack an' B' Snake
XXXV. B' Little-Clod an' B' Big-Clod
XXXVI. De Woman an' De Bell-boy
XXXVII. Greo-grass an' Hop-o'-my-thumb
XXXVIII. De Debble an' Young Prince Had a Race

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