Weeks. Congo Life and Jungle Stories

Today's free book is Congo Life and Jungle Stories by John Weeks. Weeks was a missionary among the Bakongo people; you can read more about the Kongo people at Wikipedia. Part I of this book contains an account of his time spent in the Congo, and Part II contains a collection of stories.

For the table of contents for Part II of the book (stories), check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

How the fowl evaded his debt
Why the small-ant was the winner
How the animals imitated the gazelle
Why the fowls never shut their doors
Why the dog and the palm-rat hate each other
The leopard boils his mother's teeth
How the ants saved the partridge's eggs
The leopard sticks to the wooden image
How the mouse won his wife
The gazelle outwits the leopard
The gazelle punishes the palm-rat
How the crow cheated the dove
How the civet and the tortoise lost their friendship
The water-fairies save a child
How the squirrel repaid a kindness
The kingfisher deceives the owl
How the tortoise was punished for his deceit
How the frog collected his debt from the hawk
How a child saved his mother's life
How the gazelle won his wife
The gazelle is at last punished
The leopard pays homage to the goat
Why the owls and the fowls never speak to each other
How the elephant punished the leopard
How the leopard tried to deceive the gazelle
The story of two young women
Why the chameleon cut off his own head
Why the Congo robin has a red breast
The leopard tries to steal the gazelle's wife
The gazelle kills the flies and mosquitoes, and outwits the leopard
The leopard is badly tricked by the gazelle, rat, and frog
Why the small-ants live in the houses
The son who tried to outwit his father

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