Dayrell. Ikom Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria

Today's free book is Ikom Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria by Elphinstone Dayrell. For more about the Ikom region of Nigeria, see the Wikipedia article on the Oyono (Cross) River.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

How an Inkum Woman Abandoned One of Her Twins in the Forest, and How It Was Saved by the Hawk
The Cunning Hare; or, Why the Tortoise Has a Patched Shell
The Story of Igiri and Her Husband Inkang, Who Brought Up a Mushroom Baby Boy
How Elili of Inkum Died, and Was Brought Back to Life Again
Concerning the Human Sacrifices which Took Place on the Death of Chief Indoma
The Story of the Witch who Tried to Kill Her Husband; Or, Why Native Dogs Refuse to Obey Their Masters
How Two Friends Fell Out: The Spider and the Grasshopper
How Ewa Abagi, an Inkum Woman, Was Drowned in the Cross River, and How She Was Rescued by the Young Men of Insofan
The Story of the War between Inkum and Enfitop
How an Inkum Boy Was Drowned by His Companions and How They Were Punished
How a Father Tried to Kill One of His Sons but Failed
Concerning the Okuni Witches and Cannibalism
Of Chief Amaza, His Wife Achi, and the Tortoise
The Fate of Agbor the Hunter, Who Killed His Wife and Children
What Happened at Okuni When Anyone Was Killed by Accident
How Oghabi Poisoned His Friend Okpa and Family, or, Why a Host Should Always Eat First
How Chief Alankor and All His Family Were Killed by a Big Frog, or Why the Cock Crows at Dawn
How the River Came into Existence, or Why a Crab Has No Head
Why the Mist Rises from the Water
How Ibanang Okpong and Her Mother Were Swallowed by a Man-Eating Drum, and How They Escape from its Inside
Why the Head of the Male Goat Smells So Strong
A Story of the Great Famine
Why Edidor Killed Her Husband and Her Lover
How 'Nyambi Punished Chief Oga for Trying to Commit Adultery with His Wife Obim
How Two Bendega Young Men Changes Their Skins
Concerning the Ju-Ju against Elephantiasis, or How the Hares Lost Their Long Tails
How a Cruel Inkum Chief Was Poisoned by His Slaves
How the Frog Beat the Bush Buck in a Race
Why a Python Never Swallows a Tortoise
The Game of Hide-and-Seek as Played by the Hawk and the Bush Cow
Chief Kekong's Daughter 'Ndere who Married a Python
How Agbor Adam Broke the Hunting Law of Okuni
How Essama Stole Her Father's Goat in the Fatting-House
Quomodo Evenit ut Penis Primum Cum Vagina Coiit (you'll notice that this last one is in Latin, and the whole story is in Latin too... to protect innocent women and young readers from such scandalous content!)

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